Castle Crashers Hits PSN Plus – For Free

The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers, which was released here on PS3 last November, is now free to PlayStation Plus subscribers as part of SCEE’s anniversary month.

It’s not a new game by any stretch (it hit the 360 in 2008) but it’s rather brilliant, and when the full, regular price is a penny off £11 it’s well worth sticking on your download pile if you’ve got one of those shiny gold plus signs next to your PSN name.


PlayStation have also dropped a teaser for LIMBO.  “Keep an eye out for more mid month treats coming soon,” said the blog, “including some great day one discounts, but I’m afraid for now I’ll have to leave you in Limbo…”

Looks like there’ll be a Plus discount for that game, then, which releases next week.



  1. More excited about the Limbo teaser, but still a good freebee

  2. Hmm, kinda gutted I forgot to activate my free 30 day Plus, but might just go ahead and become a subscriber.

  3. allllright castle crashers!!! had a quick look at youtube and it looks like an awesome game, especially coop=)

  4. that’s some good news! Hope my free plus subscription is still running. Played this on xbox with a couple of friends a while ago, great fun!

  5. Great news… although I’d still REALLY love a Journey BETA code.

    • They’re invite email only, so far, and going to early buyers of Flower… So if you didn’t buy it on 12th of Feb, your odds to getting it are rather diminished, I’m afraid.

      • *sadface*
        well gonna have to buy the full game to see if it’s good…
        in the same pricing class as Flower??

    • I got a Journey beta code but only managed about 10 mins play as it keeps ‘freezing’ my PS3.

      • There’s a 68Mb patch, which appears to have fixed it, it also adds R stick camera control.

      • Cheers, only managed to get to the top of the first sand dune so the patch should enable to explore more.

      • The patch fixes the freezing issue and it’s looking rather spiffy I can tell you.

  6. Never did get round to playing it, no excuse now then I guess.

  7. Plus pays out again.

  8. Just noticed this and duly downloaded. Looking forward to the Limbo discount aswell

  9. Hooray, another good game to add to my ever-growing collection of unplayed games! I need a backlog week…

  10. Definately gonna buy Limbo again if its discounted :)

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