New Pink Castle Crasher Hits PSN

After a somewhat protracted delay, Castle Crashers finally made its long-awaited appearance on the PSN back in August of 2010, a full two years after it debuted on Xbox LIVE. Thankfully, it was worth the wait.


Making up for the hold up, developer The Behemoth have announced that a new Knight is on his (her?) way on the PSN this February 8th. As this is the US Store update date we’re assuming a European release will follow the next day or, you know, soon. In case you’re wondering, an XBL update is planned for the future.

Here’s a description of the new recruit:

Born out of popular demand, rumor, and Tom Fulp’s Beard, the Pink Knight is ready to bring the love in. The playable Pink Knight will come packed with the Lollipop and 4 other brand new additional weapons. Warning: Adorable.

The extra good news is that the entire $1.99 cost of the plucky pink paladin will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. You may like boobs – you may even have boobs – regardless, whether it has touched you personally or a family member, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, with research in this area crucial for the health of the fairer sex worldwide.

Women are absolutely awesome so we’re asking every TSA member who has the game to the pick up the new addition to the castle crashing company. We don’t care if you no longer play it, we’re trying to beat cancer here, people, it’s a worthy cause. And you get a new Crasher. Win/Win.

Update: The Behemoth have responded to our query regarding sales outside of the US going to charity. It’s good news. Mayor of Behemothtown, the right-honourable Kelly Revak, said:

I have to confirm release dates in other regions, but if it doesn’t release simultaneously, it should be very soon. And yes, all proceeds The Behemoth receives from Pink Knight pack sales globally will go to Breast Cancer research. :D

Source: Press release



  1. What a fantastic bit of DLC for an incredible cause. If only other developers took note of this instead of charging the world for a few crappy maps. Ahem.

  2. this is something i approve of wholeheartedly.

    i don’t have the game, yet, but if the entire price of the dlc goes to charity in in europe too i would probably buy it anyway, then get the game at some point.

    i’ve suggested some sort of breast cancer charity shirt for home several times on the blog, but nothing’s come of it, that i know of anyway, nice to see this from The Behemoth, double thumbs up.

  3. DLC for a brilliant game combined with a good cause = sold :)

  4. This is a genius idea. I am tempted to pick up Castle Crashers just to get the DLC….or maybe just buy the DLC and wait for a price drop in the game. Other companies should take note.

  5. Great cause and a superb idea. Should it make its way to the EU, I’ll definitely buy it.

  6. I do like boobs. Wonder if they’ll be DLC for DOA linked to this cause. Excellent stuff, much approved of. Perhaps special balls DLC in FIFA/PRO EVO for testicular cancer awareness.

    • I’m not really keen on playing with big, hairy balls.

      • I’m sure the hair could be removed if you’d prefer. Maybe even an assortment of sizes to choose from?

  7. GO! GO! castle crashers!!

  8. Women re awesome, that means I’M awesome. Mwahahaha. Well done to them for supporting breast cancer research.

    • A woman and a commenter on TSA. That makes you DOUBLE awesome.

  9. awesome idea!!

  10. I won’t be using it (her?), and I wish they would add some real dlc, but I can spare 2 bucks.

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