Monsters (Probably) on a Big Screen

We loved Mediatonic’s irreverent, self-aware PSP mini when they launched it earlier this year. It can best be described as a jumping game. Sure, there are platforms so you might like to think of it as a platformer but that’s not really the point of Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess’ focused gameplay.

For those of you without access to the Mini version there is a little  bit of good fortune on the way. Mediatonic have just announced that the game is available right now on XBox Live Indie Games. This version has all the manic hopping action of the PSP Minis version but in full HD resolutions right there on your big screen TV.


The game costs only 240MSP and is definitely worth a look (there will, of course, be a trial version) if you want a compelling, humourous and frantic game to play in quick bursts.



  1. I (probably) hope this game comes to psn in hd in the nearest future aswell.

  2. I’m repeating myself here, but Sony really need to revamp the whole Minis thing. We want native resolutions for the PS3, not emulated and upscaled PSP. We want higher resolution assets so that the games look good.

    That’s just the first step!

    Minis could be great for the big black machine, but instead they’re an also ran. Not played a mini on my PS3 for months, just because it looks pants compared to the PSP…

    • Ooops, forgot to say that I wish Mediatonic luck with their new release, and hope they get more great games out there. :)

  3. ….. 240 points for an indie?

  4. Haven’t played this as i haven’t bought a mini since i ended up with two pinks while playing international snooker

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