New Xbox 360 Pad Confirmed

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed that a new Xbox 360 controller is indeed on the way – featuring white with grey buttons and a metallic d-pad.  The controller is set to arrive on November 9th 2010 in the US for $64.99, whilst Europe will be getting it some time in February.

As rumoured earlier, the pad will feature a new and improved patented d-pad which can be manipulated and raised for better control by ‘twisting’ it.


Source: CVG



  1. Sixty five dollars for a new d-pad? Uh.. I did say I wanted a new one, but that’s far too steep.

    • But a rechargeable battery is included, that is very high tech and should no way be standard in every controller from them.


  2. Simply weird

    • Yip. No doubt about that. It’ll come out November 9th in the US though. Why take so long for it to reach Europe?

  3. Why is it not black so it can match the xbox360 slim?

    • That’s what I was wondering…

  4. what a waste of money…..

    • Yep, I’ll stick with my pad with the crappy D-pad.

  5. but will the d-pad still creak? lol

  6. I don’t really see the point in this controller, is being able to manipulate the d-pad really going to improve a gaming experience? It’s in the wrong place for me, the left analog an d-pad need to be swapped around if they want another sale.
    And again, for me that price is far too expensive.

  7. D-pad looks like same, color is different and maybe the feel, they should have maked hole between D-pad.

    • holes*. Just like PS3

      • It twists and the middle bit raises up, like a + d-pad

    • The pic is of the d-pad in normal mode. This pic shows the difference between raised and normal:

      • Can someone please enlighten me: whats the point in that?

      • Sorry mate, can’t help you on that.

      • Apparently, the 360 pad is completely useless for anything that needs a good D-Pad input. I don’t really care, since I only use it for traversing menues, but fans of games like Virtua Fighter and Soul Caliber will tell you that the 360 was pretty shoddy for arcade fighting games, just due to the D-Pad (unless you were willing to buy an arcade board, which I believe was almost impossible to get a hold of around the Virtua Fighter release).

        I was actually wanting to get a wired pad for my PC, hopefully a wired version of this will get announced soon. I don’t really get the opposition to it really, it’s almost exactly the same with a funny little new feature. People seem to be annoyed by the monochrome buttons, but ever since the Dreamcast I’ve been using a pretty similar button layout, so I don’t think I ever actually look at the pad.

      • Most.. pointless.. waste.. of.. money.. ever…

        Unless it makes the Transformers sound when changing.

      • @uhayve
        I think most of the resistance is because of the price, as theres very little thats new to justify the price.

      • From the pic it seems like the plastic around the D-Pad lowers rather than the D-Pad rising…. or is it just me

  8. it will be only for good use with games such as fight games like tekken and so on….

  9. I just got a 360 controller for my computer. This looks like the EXACT same controller with a metallic paint job on it. What a ripoff.

    • It looks the same, but as the article says it’s different.

      It may not be worth the price (obvioulsy based on opinion) but it’s silly to call it a rip off becuase it looks the same. My sixaxis controller and my dual shock controllers look the same, but the DS3 was worth the increase in price, was it not?

  10. And I thought the £30 for the DS3 Controller was expensive! :O

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