Flight Control HD Price Revealed

Firemint has confirmed the prices for its upcoming Move compatible game – Flight Control HD.  Since its announcement many people have been worried that the game would receive a high launch price; well now you can judge for yourself.

  • Europe: EUR 4.99
  • UK: GBP 3.99
  • Australia: AUD 8.45

The launch dates are:

  • Europe, Asia (excluding Japan), Africa, Middle East: 15 Sep 2010
  • Australia, New Zealand: 16 Sep 2010
  • Japan: 21 Oct 2010
  • USA: unfortunately Flight Control will not be released in North America.

Check out the latest gameplay video below, and read our hands on with the game right here.

Source: Firemint



  1. Day one muthas!!!

  2. will get when i get my move for my birthday. Does it have trophies?

    • yes it does.

    • Dunno, if its a PSN game it will have to have them, but if its a mini (which I don’t think it is by the fact its 1080p) then it won’t

      • It has move support and multi-player right? So then it cant be a mini, can it?

  3. Day one here too.
    This and echochrome 2 are what I want, rather a lot.

    • Will be interesting to see if I’m coordinated enough to start a co-op game, but play it solo using a controller in each hand. Looking at how fast it gets… I doubt it

      • Whaha! You should try how coordinated your feet are aswell, at the same time!

    • I’d been wondering about the price for this but it’s a very sweet one. Like you, echochrome ii is also high on the agenda.

  4. It was day one for me anyway, but that is a really good price for that type of game.

  5. That is a good price and, most surprisingly of all, if you run it through currency conversion, UK get it cheapest!
    Why no USA release though? Seems odd

    • Very odd, I agree.

      I know it’s a very popular argument, but it’s slightly off putting seeing the iPad version £3, vs. PSN’s £4. Won’t bother taking the iPhone version into account, cos that’s £0.59. Silly App store..

      • May have something to do with 9/11 maybe?

      • Thats exactly what i was just thinking. Probably nothing to do with it but the thought crossed my mind especially with the Anniversary tomorrow .

      • Hmm 9/11 thing is an interesting point. Seems a ridiculous reason but it is possible. If you had to steer planes round buildings or something then ok but you don’t

      • Perhaps they’re developing a Kinect version… and MS has signed a territorial exclusive, or perhaps not. Who knows.

  6. I’m not terribly interested in this game although i’m interested in the Move implementation all the same.

  7. Sensible pricing = I shall buy it.

  8. Spot on price wise in my opinion (well free would be ideal but that’s not going to happen).

  9. Excellent price, will be picking this up next week for a break from swatting flies, cutting hair or shooting arrows.

    Great to see the PSN getting in on the Move action.

  10. Day one purchase for certain.

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