Supermarkets Slash Halo: Reach Price

Another big game launch, another round of price-cutting for the supermarkets. We have already revealed that Tesco will sell you the game for £28.00 if you buy 2100 MS points with it, but what prices will the other ‘big four’ offer? Time for a bullet point table!

  • Tesco: £28 if you purchase 2100 MS points at £16.71 (total cost of £44.71) or you can buy the game alone for £37.70
  • Asda: Selling Halo: Reach for £37.47 and has an exclusive Halo Reach hoody available for £9 when purchased with the game. You can then wear the hoody, hide your face and rob the petrol station on the way out.*
  • Sainsbury’s: No hoodies, no conditions, just buy the game for £34.99.
  • Morrisons: As usual, Morrisons are keeping their price firmly hidden behind a stack of cornflakes until the day of launch. Their online price is £39.99, however a post on HotDealsUK claims that Morrisons will undercut everyone and sell the title for £25.00.

Source: CVG, HotDeals


* This is  a joke, TSA is not suggesting you rob the Tesco Petrol station whilst wearing a hoody. Some have-a-go hero might try and stop you, better to mug a pensioner in a quiet corner of the car park.



  1. not that you’ll be able to do but here in sweden you can get halo: reach for 299kr, or £27.14 for sweden, that’s amazing!

  2. It’s £35 in Morrisons.

  3. Yah £34.95 in morrisons, missus works at te audio bar, will get her to find out how much fifa and pes 11 will scan through at a few days before release to see if any come out at £25, but it’s usually the morning of release the price changes kick in

  4. Tesco offer my backside! I just took 50 minutes out of my life on a wasted journey to the mahooosive Tesco in Slough only to be told they had no 2100 points card in stock and hadn’t been informed of the offer. That’s 50 minutes I won’t be getting back. Suffice to say I’m warming my fingers up for a strongly word email of complaint. Bummer.

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