EA Confirm Grasshopper’s Shadows of the Damned

Announced during EA’s press conference at TGS (which has just finished), the super-publisher have confirmed their partnership deal with Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture.

Executive Director Goichi Suda, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamaoka, famed Sound Designer of Silent Hill fame (and now at Grasshopper Manufacture), took to the stage to reveal their new “psychological action thriller”, with Suda-san himself announcing the title in suitably over-the-top hammer-horror style. After yelling “Shadows of the Damned!” at the attendees, the trio then described their desire to work together, with Suda-san proceeding to shout “Shadows of the Damned!” as often as possible throughout the presentation.

The third-person adventure romp will have a “punk rock edge” and features yet another trip to Hell to save a woman. The designers were, however, keen to impress that this is not a romance story.

Suda-san, acknowledging the length of the title, has also asked us not to abbreviate the game as SOTD but DMD or simply “Damned.” You got it Suda51! DMD looks like a wonderful marriage of both designer’s imitable styles, with tattooed, motorbike riding heroes and the expected menagerie of grotesque monsters. We’ll have more detail about Shadows of the Damned soon. Here’s the trailer.

Source: EA livestream


  1. Imo this actually looks fun…
    but not too great
    i wonder how it will turn out

  2. Would have been better if they would have maked a survival horror game.

    • Yup, completely agree, it looks far too action packed to have any form of tension and therefore any real scare factor…

  3. a modern Res Evil, looks fun, it’s got boobies too :)

  4. I’m defientaly getting this because at 1.11mins that gun was cool, lol. I like it might aswell get this when it’s cheaper. Far too many games at the mo!

  5. I fail to see where the punk rock comes in, but Akira Yamaoka knows his audio business!

    Could be a great title, actually.

    • Punk rock EDGE, as in attitude. I don’t think he meant punk rock music. This was translated by the way. He could have been rattling on about his shopping list for all we know.

      (Actually, he wasn’t. The best thing about listening to Japanese at conferences is they nearly always use very clear, simple Japanese to get their point across.)

  6. Definitely a lot of potential, the guys involved certainly have the pedigree.
    I’m certainly interested in this.

  7. It doesn’t really look that great. Then again, I’m sure this is an early build of the game.

  8. i wanna know what happens when he drinks the absinthe :)

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