Zavvi Taking Pre-Orders For Unconfirmed HD Re-Releases

The rumours of a Mortal Kombat collection, Prince of Persia Trilogy, and Splinter Cell Trilogy have been circulating for some time now.  Online retailer Zavvi is now taking pre-orders for all three.

‘Mortal Kombat HD Classics’ is down for an early December release; Prince of Persia Trilogy: HD Collection is down for early next year, and Splinter Cell Trilogy: HD Collection has been put down for the end of November.

We will be chasing up the developers to get their comments on the matter.

Source: Zavvi, Thanks project84music


  1. I’d almost forgotten about these. Lots of remake brilliance on the way then, by the looks of it.

  2. Jak trilogy re-release for the love of God pleeeease..

    • Instant buy if that happened. Even if it was just Jak and Daxter, I’d happily pay £30+

      • Jak & Daxter is one of the best games ever made in my opinion. I’d instantly buy all three in a HD (and 3D?) collection.

    • I’d like Jak 1-3 as well, but you just know there’d be complaints about Sony omitting Jak X and Lost Frontier from any such collection, and doing five games in one collection would be a bit much, so they may figure it isn;t worth the effort. Those Jak games were packed with content remember, no small task even revamping one of them I’d guess. I imagine we’re unlikely to see a Ratchet and Clank collection for similar reasons.

  3. At £25, I may have to pre-order them.

  4. The Hut’s been taking pre-orders for these for the last couple of weeks.

  5. Is this the official ‘the cat out of the bag’ day?

  6. the prices seem redicularse! 35 quid for mortal combat remakes, no thanks. 19.99 and maybe!

  7. I shop with Zavvi sometimes and they do get things wrong, they got their LBP psp release date wrong by 2 months and they didn’t even change the date till it was actually out.
    Who knows could be true tho, love PoP games I brought the boxset bundle back when it firs came out for £20, selling it now for £5 more on ps3? Looks like a bargin for 3 classic games. :)

  8. Splinter Cell HD i would buy. and Jak and Daxter 1st game and SSX Tricky.

  9. I bought Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and now all I want to do is play the first two. Traded them in a long time ago though so HD remakes please!

    • Kingdom Hearts Collection would be amazing as well. I doubt it’ll happen though, Square seem to be kind of anti-fans this generation.

  10. I’d like 3rd parties to get in on the re-release action… looking at you EA and the SSX trilogy… or how about a sports collection with a good PS2 Madden (not sure which one) NHL 2002 (prob my fave sports game ever) and an NBA title

    • I’d sign up for that, definitely.

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