Sucker Punch Would Give inFamous 3 “Serious Thought”

Bungie developing for PS3, Insomniac going multiplatform, the days of independent studios aligning themselves with a single plaform are coming to an end it seems. One such indie studio still toeing the Sony line is inFamous developer Sucker Punch. Speaking to Eurogamer, however, it does seem that the prospect of continuing the inFamous series beyond upcoming sequel inFamous 2 and hence tying themselves to one platform is not a slam-dunk certainty.

Answering the question of whether or not the studio would create inFamous 3, Sucker Punch co-founder Bruce Oberg told Eurogamer:

“We would give it serious, serious thought. We’ll see where we want to go next. That could be with Sony. We have a great relationship with them. We love the PlayStation platform. I’m not lying when I tell you it’s a really killer technological platform for us to work on.

The support and marketing, and also their approach to us, to let us make the game we want to make, is really incredible. Our relationship with Sony has been just incredible, all through the Sly series and all through inFamous.”

It’s important to note that Sucker Punch do not own the inFamous IP but the above is hardly a declaration of divorce proceedings. It would be interesting to see what the studio does in the future, however. Taking a leaf from Insomniac’s book, the allure of higher sales from a multiplatform title is an obvious incentive for an independent developer.

Source: Eurogamer


  1. If someone like EA offers then big money then I’m sure they’d go for it but going multiplatform isn’t always a great idea.

    I wonder if Infamous would have done as well or had as much attention had it been multiplatform. Especially as it was released so close to Prototype.

    • It could have, since there would have still been the whole “inFamous vs. Prototype” malarky. Although I don’t think it would have sold near as many on PS3.

  2. Sony need to open their wallets and buy some more studios. One of the reasons the 360 is starting to lack exclusives is because all of theirs go multiplatform.

    • Sony have been but studios have to want to be bought. Insomniac wanted to remain independant but the likes of Media Molecule were happy to be bought by Sony.

      You only have to look at what’s happened at Infinity Ward to see why studios may not want to be bought.

      • The difference between being owned by Sony and Activision (I think at least) is that Sony has most interest in selling their console, and selling their brand, so they make sure you have a quality experience, while trying to make sure that the studio is doing what they want. There are probably pro’s and con’s to both, but i think bein a first party developer is a pretty good deal.

    • Why do that!? of all the console manufactuers Sony own the most 1st party developers.
      If a new ip of Insomic and Sucker Punch go multi then great… its thier decision.

  3. As long as they don’t flog the franchise dead, I’m fine with it ending when they deem best.

    Re: multiplatform, no probs. As long as they’re developing great games I’m happy with it all.

    • same, as long as its still the same goodness then its fine :)

  4. I really enjoyed the first Infamous, and have no reason to doubt that the second game won’t be just as much fun, if not more!! Therefore I would welcome a third installment in the series.

  5. I’m suspecting them to go the way of Insomniac; multi-platform their own IPs, but keep making exclusive games :)

    Insomniac are working on SOMETHING multi-platform, but still making a new Resistance and Ratchet :)

    Sucker Punch could make inFamous 3 AND something else :)


  6. I don’t mind developers going multiplatform but imo inFamous should still stay exclusive as its pretty stupid Xbox owners just being able to play just 3 ( sure i read somewhere its a trilogy.


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