Japanese The Third Birthday Trailer

You got to love Japanese game trailers. Brimming with equal amounts of surrealism, raucous Jap-pop and awesomeness, check out this one below for Parasite Eve PSP spin-off/off-shoot/side-step/whatever, The Third Birthday.

We get a look at the game’s characters in a fitting roll call type presentation, not to mention helicopters, creepy spirit-girl things, and yes, Aya Brea in torn, revealing clothing. Monosugoi!


Source: GameTrailers



  1. Sugoi! Been looking forward to this one and PE1 on the PSN Store. Even found my original PE2 disks the other day. Aiiiii too many games to play and oh so little time.

  2. sort of reminds me of matrix, though i know nothing about the series.

  3. “I was attacked by a huge testicle !!”
    Bonus cookie if you can tell me where that’s from !

    • My last victim?

    • Brilliant, now if you type “attacked by a huge testicle” into Google, TSA will show up. Are you proud?

      • Ha ha !
        Yes, yes I am. It’s from Red Dwarf BTW ….. If a single soul cares :(

      • Awesome. The first lot of series are still the best.

      • Got ’em all on VHS and DVD ! :D

  4. whats actually going on? that just hurt my head

  5. I probably would have purchased this earlier on in PSP’s life…but i’m slowly losing interest in the console now, with GOW: GOS being my last PSP i reckon! :'(

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