Ubi Reveal Outland

We don’t often bring you trailers when games are revealed. We usually leave that for a little closer to the release date. Every now and then, though, there’s something quite wonderful in a launch trailer.

This is the reveal for Ubisoft’s Outland, due to be released next year (see, a long time away) via digital download channels. It seems to be a side-scrolling action brawler with perhaps some puzzling and some gorgeous, Tron-like, aesthetics. Watch out for the big dude at the end too. Definitely one to watch for the download stores in 2011.



  1. That looks awesome! I’m hoping for another vid from you later CB ;) But first I must go to bed………tired…..Zzzzzzz

    • “I’m hoping for another vid from you later” – ewww.

  2. Cool! That last bit is like shadow of the colossus meets tron meets limbo. Switching between light and dark looks like an interesting gameplay mechanic too.

    • How about Shadow of the Beast meets Shadow of the Colossus?

  3. reminds me of the prince of persia :D

  4. Looks lovely. I’ll definitely be watching this one closely.

  5. this looks amazing, gonna keep a close eye on this game

  6. Looks cool :) If I’m not mistaken, it’s being developed by Housemarque, the guys behind Super Stardust HD, which is also a good sign …

  7. I like that style. Gameplay looks fun as well.

  8. I’ve seen that light/dark mechanic before, in a shmup. Can’t remember it’s name, though.

    It looks awesome, and might play well, but I can’t quite tell.

    • you do something similar in jak and daxter

  9. Do htc android phones such as the desire have a web browser where i’ll be able to watch these videos off Tsa? I’m upgrading next month and am getting sick of not being able to watch these vids on here.

    • Hi Tony. Does this help? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pReNLlaMnmI

      I was idly hoping that all clips have URLs slapped beneath them for everyone on mobile browsers, etc.

      • Thanks. And yes, youtube links below videos would be a very helpful addition to this site, agreed.

    • Yes, they do. Android’s main browser can do it from firmware 2.1 and up, though is apparently a little hit and miss (though I haven’t noticed any problems), and Skyfire can play the majority of videos on web pages, and is available free on the android marketplace.

  10. Lovely trailer. The cold and hot attacks throws something different into the mix and the visual style is saturatingly sumptuous.

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