Epic Mickey’s Story Is Epic

Epic Mickey was many critics’ and consumers’ pick of this year’s E3, since then Disney Interactive Studios has been drip feeding us trailers of the latest adventure of their mascot mouse.

The latest trailer goes behind the scenes to speak to the title’s development studio, Junction Point and Deus Ex creating Warren Spector, who goes on to talk about the importance of storytelling in video gaming and how important it is to recognise the medium the story is being told in.


Epic Mickey is an amalgamation of genres, spanning third person action adventure, platforming, puzzling and RPG. Players take on the role of Mickey as he is propelled into a world made up of Disney’s forgotten creative endeavours. Through the use of paint or thinners, players can paint or erase the world and characters in front of them, the ramifications of those actions only unfold as the story develops.

Epic Mickey certainly is still sounding epic and you can get your hands on it at the end of November.



  1. I dont get whay any adults like Disney. It’s for kids. *goes back to playing with Masterpiece Grimlock*

    • You were never a kid?


  2. wow that is EPIC!!! to epic for a Wii release … PSN or Blu Ray release now!!!!

    • Would love a PS3 version and in HD would be gorgeous as well as playable

    • HD Epic Mickey would sell way more than a wii version, I’m amazed they still haven’t announced one. But then again neither would I, I’d wait till after the Wii release, and then announce it.

  3. I would buy the DLC for playable Mickey Mouse in Street Fighter.

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