Kevin Butler On Eyepet

Eyepet was released a few weeks ago in the US as a Move launch title. Now Sony are looking to build up some sales momentum behind the title.  What is the best way to do that?  Give some air-time to their VP, Virtual Pet Relations of course…

Here’s the link for those who cannot view it embedded.

Via Kotaku


  1. Looks like fun…if your 6.

    • Tsk. I’m 30 and I like my EyePet :D

    • Hence the inclusion of 6 (or there abouts) year olds playing it?

    • I like it and im 28!

    • Me too, also 28

    • Age doesn’t matter XD

    • Yup, I’m 27 and thought it was a lot of fun, then my brother (31) brought his girlfriend (26) to see it and she thought it was amazing. I guess it’s just what takes the fancy of a persons mind.
      I love this kind of thing but I fully understand the other side of the coin too.

    • My mother loves it and she is well into her 50s

  2. I bought eyepet for my 5yr old daughter on launch day and i have recently just bought move for her to play it with…..its so much easier for her using move instead of the card that comes in the box. We’re only 2 trophies off a platinum for it and i must admit that i do like the game myself. I wish sony would use the same tv adds in the UK though…..Kevin Butler is fantastic in the adds, especially the one where he goes on about games needing buttons….and his speech at E3 when he hinted at staying up till 3am trying to get a trophy that isn’t real…but is!…..thats the norm for me lol.

    • Making your kid farm trophies for your plat has to be a new low!

      • I never thought of that tbh. It’s a good idea. I’ll sit my 5 year old daughters down in front of Dante’s Inferno and see if they can plat it.

      • Lol! Do you hire them out?

      • Sounds good to me. If anyone has kidlets that would like to farm me 7,500 more kills on Resistance 2, I’ll happily pay them in pokemon cards.

      • Hey…i got the trophies (daily challenges for her), she found them a bit hard and watched me do them, what i am getting at is…having a 5yr old daughter makes it a lot easier to explain all those trophies for eyepet that are sat on my psn gamer id. excuses excuses…..i actually enjoy the game, especially with the move controller lol.

      • Thats….thats ingenious…

    • Hey, my 10yr old does the smackdown trophies for me, and most of the games from Lovefilm that I rent to keep him quiet (parent of the year, me). He doesn’t like Eyepet though, not enough violence, so I have to get my own bloody trophies for that.

  3. LoL, i guess everyone will watch this video because of Kevin Butler, not eyepet :P

  4. Great stuff once again KB. How about an ad for GT5 or something?

  5. I guess I too old for this…..but my kids are gonna love it. hence why I bought it for when they get a litle older (the non move one was on offer at amazon for £3 a few weeks back!)

  6. Guess nothing will replace cats

    • My boot up their arse seems to a good job

  7. Yeah this ad is great

    even though it was created about two or so weeks ago.

    • But only officially posted to YouTube on Friday. :)

  8. Age doesn’t matter indeed… even 10 year olds can play MW2

  9. i have to say eye pet is alot of fun for both me and my 10 year old daughter she enjoys it alot and i get enjoyment out of it because she enjoys it

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