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Here at TSA Towers we are still not quite over the fact that the sequels to the superb Valkyria Chronicles have been PSP, not PS3, bound. It is of course an understandable reaction to the relatively poor sales of the original and the costs of developing a title for the HD consoles.  On the plus side, if the series can build a larger fan base on the PSP it may make another PS3 game more likely.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 is due out in Japan on the 27th January next year and this week Sega have started to reveal some of the protagonists and antagonists.  First up are the members of the playable Squad 422, The Nameless, an expendable unit made up of criminals and deserters.  A five-member squad, known by numbers not names, we have been introduced to the first three.


This chapter’s hero, Number 7, Kurt Irving was a promising officer of the regular Gallian army who graduated at the top of his class from the Lanseal Royal Military Academy.  Some, as yet unspecified, incident led to a fall from grace and now he seeks to redeem his honour.

Demonstrating once more that the combination of thigh-high boots and mini-skirt offer the ultimate level of protection on the front line of any battle is Number 13, Riela Marcellis.  Unbeknownst to her at the start of the game is the fact that she is a descendent of the Valkyria and shares their extraordinary powers.  She has found herself among The Nameless after her former squad were wiped out and she alone survived to become something of a ‘Jonah’ in the regular army gaining the nickname “God of Death”.

The last of Squad 422 we know about so far and the second female squad member to be handling a large weapon (oh, those predictable Japanese stereotypes) is Number 01, Imuka.  Setting us up for a seemingly inevitable intra-squad conflict at some point in the game is the knowledge that her village was destroyed by the Valkyria.  She set off with revenge in her heart and her large weapon in her hands to find those responsible.  Along the way she was picked up by The Nameless and became part of their ranks.  Somewhat insubordinate, being Number 01 makes her feel she has something to prove in battle.

Head of The Nameless, so presumably your in-game non-playable commanding officer, is the number-less Ramsey Kurou.  A boozing womaniser with no respect or loyalty for his superiors it is not hard to understand why the regular army have placed him in charge of their most expendable unit.  His sole redeeming quality, and surely the only reason the army tolerate him, is his ability to accurately assess tactical situations.

Opposing our rag-tag fugitive fleet squad is an Imperial special forces unit called Calamity Raven.  Their leader, replete with spiky hair and shoulder pads and tattered cape, is Dahau.  Like many of the characters we have met across the Valkyria Chronicles games he has an axe to grind with the Darcsen, the race who, according to legend, destroyed much of Europa during the “Darcsen Calamity”, despite being one of them himself.

The Imperial proponent of boots and mini-skirts is Lydia Agute.  Assigned as an aide to Dahau she feels no loyalty towards him and rather than being his subordinate she seems to be attached to the Ravens to observe them and their commander.

Last up we have Zig.  He too is a Darcsen and looks upon Dahau with admiration.  He embodies that heady combination of youth and inexperience which married with his strong desire to win drives him valiantly (foolishly?) into the the front lines in combat.

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  1. that guns just a bit big for her maybe?

  2. Still playing VC2 online, but i don’t see Welkin or Alicia in VC3 *Cries* :[

    • Though it’s a new story set at the same time as the first game, characters from VC2 will appear in the game and the game’s producer has hinted that we may see characters from VC too. So there’s no need to cry just yet…

    • really liked the 1st and the 2nd,looking great for the third,i relly hope it does eventually find its way on ps3

    • The trailer they released at TGS had some glimpses of (if I remember right) Welkin, Alicia and Rosie (as well as the Imperial commanders from the first game).

      Personally, I’m hoping for more of Jaeger in VC3, he was too cool to just have a small part in one game! (Hopefully he joins the Nameless squad after Welkin beats him)

  3. Just completed VC2 yesterday, VC3 is looking more like the first game, which is good in my opinion. VC2 took too long to get going for my liking (in my mind its a 7/10 up till July, then 8-9/10 till September and 10/10 from there, when the story really kicks in).

    I hope the next one goes for the original’s idea of cutscenes building up to a battle, followed by a battle, followed by more cutscenes, rather than the sequel’s series of pointless battles that didn’t have anything to do with the story at all, then a cutscene-battle-cutscene sequence, followed by more pointless battles. The story of VC1 was the best bit for me, with the battles building in to that story nicely.

    • I’m only just in the third month ( been playing it relatively slowly since deciding to get my first Platinum on BFBC2 ) .
      Really enjoying it but was beginning to wonder was it all classroom japes but im glad to hear it heats up a notch higher from July .
      I have never been a fan of Manga or FF type games but V2 and 1 really draw me in . I did love (still do ) Advance wars on DS so perhaps im a turn based strategist fan rather than an RPG nut.

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