TGS Schedule Outs Valkyria Chronicles 3

The hints regarding Valkyria Chronicles 3 have been strong over the past few weeks, but it seems that a slip up by SEGA has confirmed it.

A look at their Tokyo Game Show stage page reveals a number of “Coming Soon” messages across it.  However, one nosey parker altered the URL from .gif to .jpg uncovering  hidden treats such as ‘Valkyria Chronicles 3: Voice Actor Announcement and Game Presentation’ – bingo!


We await the official announcement.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Awesomes!

  2. American voice actors — FUUUUUUUU

  3. can i haz trophy patch for first one pleaz?

  4. Please be on PS3!

    • if its not i’ll die a bit inside. we need it back

  5. fingers crossed its on PS3 :)

  6. Cue. I want trophies I want trophies. Seriously if you haven’t played the 1st game because of the lack of Ping then you are missing out on a gem

    • i have played it. i still want a trophy patch.

  7. Awesome. It’s an overused word but here it truly applies.

    I dearly hope this is on PS3 because the original was a superb game and one of a few pre-trophy era games which were a real shining light for the PS3 in the early days.

    • Awesome!

    • It wasn’t pre-trophy era, it came out when trophies were fully up and running, just before they became mandatory.

      • Ahhh, good point. Still, It’s a shame Sega never bothered to patch it because Im sure it would’ve found more sales had they done so.

        Awesome! Sorry, I just had to.

      • You’re right. I never played it, but definitely would have done if they’d patched it. My brother falls into the same category too, as do countless others.

  8. Great news , i dont dig the Japanese anime type games normally . Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy i just cant get into but for some reason i love this and Advance Wars on DS .
    Im really enjoying VC2 on PsP at the moment (except for Avans laugh !)

    • love advance wars, completed it a few times now. not played any of these though.

  9. Can’t wait! :]

  10. I’d be surprised if it was on PS3 rather than PSP again, but wouldn’t complain.

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