Batman Arkham City Screenshots

Are you even going to read this? No probably not. Go on, click on the pictures below to view a couple of concept sketches and tasty selection of in-game screenshots.

Looks absolutely gorgeous doesn’t it? There is no indication of which version of the forthcoming game these are taken from but I would guess they are from a PC version – everything looks just a bit too smooth and lovely to be the console version.


Still, phwooar, eh?

Source: Press Release



  1. Phwooar, indeed!

  2. Looks amazing, I cant wait for it
    I predict this will be right up there for the industry awards

  3. Looks awesome – remids me of the ‘Manhunt’ setting…..

  4. that second picture, anybody here watch the mighty boosh? :)

    • I was thinking more league of gentlemen in some reverse “Hello Dave”

    • like a sinister version of the moon

  5. I’m the goddamn Batman!

  6. Harley Quinn would get some wouldn’t she ;)

    Seriously though, relates nicely to the “sex sells” article doesn’t it?!

    • I don’t think so, she’s not as sexed up as in the first one.

  7. Sublime.

  8. Yes please.

  9. Up there with GT5 and AC:Brotherhood as my most anticipated game this year.

  10. I really hope that one day they manage to get the entire of Gotham City into a game. Hopefully that will be the 3rd game from Rocksteady!

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