Impressions: Toy Soldiers Invasion! DLC

The original portion of Toy Soldiers was (and still is) great. It scored a 9/10 on here and you know we don’t just throw those about. So when the new DLC was released, I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

The first thing I noticed after firing up Toy Soldiers, after much too long of an absence, was the simplicity of the controls. Yes, some units are still tricky to control at ground level but the speed at which units can be deployed and maintained via the 360 controller is perfect. It’s just those pesky UFOs you have to worry about.

And that’s what Invasion is all about. Space tanks and the accompanying men, UFOs, Giant Robots with, well, machine gun breasts and weirdly enough, knights. The original, nostalgic experience has been forced in to the future and now your toy box is under attack from armies of stereotypical extra-terrestrials. The battlefields are as detailed as before and a smattering of new units keeps the experience fresh. They are all variations on the core units, e.g. tanks now fire lasers, but the space theme makes it a little bit more fun, I feel.


All of the new units and characters feature in the three extra campaign missions, culminating with a fantastic boss fight (trust me, it’s one of the best). And once you have completed the extended campaign, you can try out the two new multi-player maps and the one new survival map. The are all as detailed as the originals, perhaps even slightly better looking, and the attack patterns of the enemies really do keep those thumbs moving.

Invasion is sadly the last DLC for Toy Soldiers but Signal Studios have given fans an excellent final hurrah. Nothing has fundamentally changed but it is so much fun and the boss fight certainly is mental. If you enjoyed the main game, you can’t go wrong with this at only 400 Points.



  1. You had me at ‘machine gun breasts’ :op

    • When I saw the screenshot of it, I almost passed out. :o
      So funny to battle against.

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