No Invizimals Or EyePet For PSPgo?

Two days ago an announcement was made over on the US PlayStation Blog regarding the release of Invizimals in America. Right at the end of the post was some disappointing news that PSPgo owners will not be getting access to the game.

“One thing to note: Invizimals is not compatible with PSPgo.”

This slightly conflicts with an answer I received a few weeks back from Mike Kebby over on the EU blog, who was excepting it to see a digital release.

“Should be yes, all Sony published PSP games have made it onto the store, and the most recent ones have been on the same day as the UMD versions too.”

The game could still see a digital release though I can already see the comments section filling up once PSPgo owners attempt to play it. The issue surrounding the release appears to be related to the PSP camera. The mini USB socket required to use the camera isn’t available on the PSPgo.

Sony did unveil an adapter to allow the camera, GPS and microphone peripherals to work with the PSPgo but at present this hasn’t been released outside of Asia. Every time I have attempted to import it has resulted in the website blocking the sale as shipping to my address for this item isn’t available.

This is something Sony clearly need to sort out pretty quickly with the second Invizimals game and EyePet for the PSP due out before Christmas.

Source: US PlayStation Blog, EU PlayStation Blog


  1. I see but, won’t the game will be available to download for those people with the standard PSP’s to download onto a memory stick??I doubt we will ever see the camera compatible for the Go in anywhere other than Asia, it’s a clumsy device and what with the PSP 3000 now targeted at younger people (e.g. PSP Essentials) then Eyepet & Invizimals will only be for that system, seems that way anyway

  2. just give me kingdom hearts, ffs!

  3. I love my PSPGo it is such as shame that Sony do not share that love and support the system in any way.

    Previously I would have forked out for a camera for it and and the GPS thingy, but now I have my iphone I no longer need these.


  4. If anyone wants to try out this sort of tech then go on the app store and download ARDefender, it’s quite impressive !

  5. Not what I would imagine to play on the go, Eyepet (Bill) can stay on my PS3 for all I care. Inzimibals looks good but again no need unfortunely I don’t play the Psp much at home. Unless is was Monster Hunter

  6. I dont think these games would be good on the go … imagine playing EyePet in a car???

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