ESRB Rates Original Twisted Metal For PS3 & PSP

Those looking forward to next year’s Twisted Metal instalment now have something else to smile about as the ESRB has rated a Twisted Metal for the PS3 and PSP, which would suggest the original game is heading to the PSOne Classics department.

The game is all about the car combat.  Pick a vehicle, pick an arena, and the last one left alive is the winner.  Sort of like trying to get to the Dorothy Perkins Christmas sale.

Source: ESRB via Joystiq



  1. Twisted Metal 2 has been on the US Store for ages, I don’t know why the powers that be haven’t launched it over here, TM1 has aged badly, but that’s no different to all PS1 games I suppose

    • Yep. Bought it nearly 18 months ago and still loved it. Sure, the graphics resemble brightly coloured cut-outs from the back of a Shreddies box but it’s still awesome fun.

    • I’ve played loads of PS1 games recently and there’s loads that haven’t ‘aged badly’. I think you expect too much from games that were made 10 years ago ;)

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