Ridge Racer 7 Gets Patched

Ridge Racer, not a game you hear very often on any gaming site, it was a game that was launched with the PlayStation 3 back on the 23rd of March 2007, over 3 and a half years old, it was also the first 1080p Blu-ray game.

And here we are in 2010 with 3D starting to penetrate the market, and now it seems Namco are keen, so keen that they’ve released a patch to enable you to play the one and only “Riiiiidge Raceeeeer” in 3D.


You can download the patch off the store as of now, surprising seeing as we’ve heard nothing at all about the patch not even in this weeks update. Ridge Racer 7 was gorgeous game, and I’m sure the 3D version will look even more amazing.

Now all I need to do is go find a copy of Ridge Racer 7. And all Namco need to do is announce Ridge Racer 8.



  1. I thought 3d was capped to 720p?

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