Sonic Colours Continues To Impress

A new trailer for SEGA’s ‘Sonic Colours’ has been released, and the game certainly looks interesting!  The focus of the video is on Sonic’s transformation powers, granted to him by the ‘Wisps’ – an alien race he is freeing from the clutches of Dr Eggman.  The game will be hitting our shores next month.

Source: SEGA



  1. Pink spike is Knuckles ;) Looks good though, would buy if i had a Wii

  2. I really hope this is a timed exclusive. It looks great!

  3. Hope the DS version is ok, will grab it if it holds up.

    • Keep forgetting about the DS version – it looks pretty good

  4. looks much like sonic adventure on the dream cast which was one of my favourite platformers. but I don’t have a wii, let’s hope for PS move version

  5. Looks alright…..

  6. Grrr, can’t see it at work.

  7. Bring on the PS3 version!

    It looks like they have expanded Sonics abilities in a similar fashion to the suites in a Mario game.

    It should had a whole new level of depth to the sonic genre.

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