Sonic Colours Launch Trailer

Last week saw the EU release of ‘Sonic Colours’ for Nintendo’s Wii.  To celebrate this SEGA has unleashed the launch trailer onto the Internet to try and give you a little nudge into buying the game.  Currently it’s scoring fairly well across the board with a Metacritic rating of 78, which has been somewhat dragged down by Destructoid’s verdict of 4.5 out of 10.

Source: YouTube



  1. Between this, Goldeneye and Epic Mickey, I might actually buy a new game for the wii!

    I’ve been waiting for ages and just buying good games like No More Heroes, Mad World and Okami when they hit the bargain bin.

  2. i would love to try okami on the wii.

  3. For all the years that I’ve been gaming I have never owned a Sonic game.

  4. To me this looks like the Sonic equal of Mario Galaxy. Id be very interested in purchasing this if its classic control compatible(very doubtful). As with most game I’m still put off by motion controllers.

    • SEGA have let us know that this does indeed work with the Classic Controller.

  5. Will be getting this on the DS

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