New Sonic Colours Trailer

It seems the Wii is the place to be this year if you’re a Sonic fan.  Not only is it getting Sonic 4 this week, but it will also be home to ‘Sonic Colours’ come November. 

This mix of 2D and 3D gameplay sees Sonic take on Dr. Eggman who has kidnapped an alien race known as ‘The Wisps’ in an effort to harness their power.  Check out the trailer below.  A DS version will also be available.

Source: Official Nintendo Mag



  1. Looks like good fun!

    • Yes, Sonic seems to be making a comeback this year!

  2. Counting down the days till I get my Wii (hopefully)

    This looks like the type of game that ‘next-gen’ Sonics could have been instead of the awful rubbish we’ve been treated to in recent times.

    • yea it looks like its going to take the best from the day levels in sonic unleashed and add some new platforming mechanics. im excited

  3. Looking very Sonic Unleashed (minus a certain werehog..) Looking good :)

  4. Wow Sonic colours I think its probably best to save cash to buy it on release… can’t stand Dimps

  5. I’d rather have this than Sonic’s new episodic games…

  6. Looks like fun!
    But what’s up with the small flying octopuslike thingys?

  7. Am i the only one to feel the irony of watching the trailer in 720p and the game not even supporting it??, anyway i’ll let them off, because the spelt ‘colours’ correctly!!! (yes i’m looking at you yanks)

  8. It’s Dr ROBOTNIK damnit, I will never be a fan of this Eggman name adopted by the Japanese! Grr I’m a tradidtionalist, I don’t like change.

  9. wow, this actually looks good!

  10. That actually looked really enjoyable!

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