Super Scribblenauts Launch Trailer

The original Scribblenauts was an absolute blast, marred only by the slightly janky control system.  The sequel, which launches today, not only improves this but adds a whole host of new words and adjectives to help solve puzzles.  Rather than me waffle on, check out the trailer below.

Source: YouTube



  1. Enjoyed the first a lot despite its foibles. From what I’ve read about this, it sounds like they’ve ironed out many of the criticisms of the original.

    This and the new Layton will have to wait just a little longer sadly as the PS3 is already stretching my gaming budget!

  2. If the first had almost every word … does this have every word??

    • I doubt it, although I can imagine it has more than anyone will ever need.

  3. lol, never played the first, never saw screenshots or gameplay, Im ashamed to say that, i thought it was scrabble type game in the same vain as battle chess haha no word of a lie

    • :oD No its something even more awesome than battle chess!

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