Nintendo Offering The Best Value This Christmas?

Value is a hard thing to quantify, as it’s generally down to perception.  For example, this weekend a storage unit of mine flooded, damaging a number of personal possessions.  Among the survivors was my original Optimus Prime Transformers toy (still boxed).  To me, the value of that is off the chart, but to you it might just look like a toy.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime feels the same about the Nintendo Wii, and even though there won’t be a price cut this year he feels that the console gives consumers the best value this holiday season.


“30 Million consumers have bought a Wii (in US). The consumer today who hasn’t; they’ve experienced four holidays of Wii out of stock, and new Wii software, but they still haven’t bought one and so the key question is why?

Maybe they’re looking for better content, and we’ve got a wide range of different software coming out this holiday season.

We’re giving [consumers] the best value this holiday season than they’ve ever had.”

In terms of content he has a point, as the next few months will see some stellar Wii games.  In terms of price though, I’m not sure if I can agree.  The Wii is still selling at a fairly high price point, and is actually more expensive than the Xbox 360 4GB.

What would Nintendo have to do to make you view the Wii as good value this Christmas?

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  1. You can get the new Limited Edition Red Wii for £149 at ASDA. I reckon it’s a pretty good deal considering it bundles with the new Wii Remote Plus, Donkey Kong Classic, Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. (which retails at £30 still).

    With the new games coming out like Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye, Mario All Stars and Zelda next year, it’s not a bad line up. I’m playing through the new Super Mario Bros. and I’m loving it. Brings back memories of the SNES.

  2. With the price comparable to a 360 and alot of shovelware on the console it is terrible value. There still only seem to be a handful of games worth playing, everything else seems like a gimmick. But then, its not aimed at actual gamers is it.

    • Shovelware doesn’t bother me. I’m an informed gamer, so I know what games are worth my time and what isn’t.
      I’m also informed enough to know that a Wii is little more than a couple of Gamecubes taped together with a waggle controller.
      There are some great games on the Wii, but not enough and – most of them – not at the quality level of one of it’s HD rivals.
      And if you like shooters you aren’t going to buy an online shooter for a wii are you.
      Best versions of Fifa and COD are on HD consoles.
      All the big multiplats? Red Dead, Dead Space, Bioshock, Fallout 3, Arkham Asylum, Borderlands etc. etc. No Wii version.

      I know its a cliché but Nintendo – this gen – is just Mario and Zelda.

  3. It can’t…. to be honest half of the games this Christmas are to me deemed to be horrible.

  4. “…To me, the value of that is off the chart, but to you it might just look like a toy.

    Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime feels the same about the Nintendo Wii,…”

    I agree Reggie. It does look like a toy, and it is a toy, and not a very fun one at that unless you happen to have SMG1/2 or a handful of other select games.

    What can you do to make it good value for me this Christmas? For £149.. hmm… I’d say, upgrade the graphics chip, add a proper multi-player online network, make it play streaming media and Blurays or at least DVDs, release some proper games and.. oh, wait, I have a PS3 already. No sale.

  5. I don’t get the shovelware argument against Nintendo

    Yes there’s loads of crap game but isn’t there for all systems?

    Why bother with them, there loads of great games which are by definition great.

    It’s not like the 649* PS3 retail games are all great, I’d wager that 80% or more of them are shit, with no more than 20 or so great games (although of course that’s subjective, I’d actually say it was less than 20)

    The great games on all systems are great, so why would an informed individual worry about the not-so-great games or the games that don’t fit in with their personal taste?

    * According to a quick glance at Wikipedia

    • Well I’ve got 145 PS3 Blurays on my shelf and most of them were rather enjoyable so I’m gonna have to strongly disagree there. Do I really own a quarter of all PS3 games? Damn lol.

      • But what about the 75% of games you’ve chosen not to buy, that’s near enough 80%, right, maybe?

      • Ah I might have misunderstood you, you wrote ’20 or so great games’, did you mean 20 or 20%?

    • Wikipedia also says that the Wii has 1146 games released in roughly the same life-span as the ps3.

      Using the 80% rule, there is a lot more crap to have to avoid.

      • …and a lot more great games to enjoy (if we use the same rule).

      • Correct, but cc was asking about ‘the shovelware argument against Nintendo’.

        Quantity # quality.

      • To be honest, I’m not sure what average Nintendo, MS’ or Sony’s catalogue of titles score but there’s good and bad with each console. Multiplats which are must-haves and exclusives which are to-die-for. Either way, Nintendo are after a particular style of gamer (not me, I might add) and they’ve sold as many consoles as both MS and Sony put together.

        It’s always been a cheap console and I’m sure it’s great value for money but this always assumes you actually want to play those sort of titles on the Wii. If not, you’re screwed from the off. :-)

      • Yeah that’s a discussion for another time.

        All I know is that the hour or so I play the Wii at my parents every Christmas is more than enough for me. IMO of course.

    • No games with a metacritic rating of >80 vs <50 – the ratio on the PS3 is 3:1. On the Wii it's 2:3.

  6. Hmm; lets start with a price drop for the console to £99 or less, and the creation of a £10~ classics / platinum range to bring you in line with the rest of the gaming world. Still asking £30 for Super Mario Galaxy? Get knotted.

    • I think they’ll be a price drop in the spring, no one is going to sell devices for £99 when plenty of people will happily spend £149-£179 on it.

      • Sadly, you’re probably right CC *sigh* I just wish Ninty would begin showing some respect to its consumer base, instead of this perpetual milking.

    • their price will always depend on xbox/ps3 who they cant compete with if they priced similarly.
      on the other hand, if they went too low, it would make the wii seem cheap and last gen (which many people except parents buying for their kids already know)
      and yeah the games are rip offs considering their less than half the size of xbox/ps3 games and have halarious online modes (if any).

  7. Reggie: “but they still haven’t bought one and so the key question is why?”

    BLAGGER: Move…

    • As if :P Next you’ll be telling me Kinect works.

      • It does, if you have a hangar / warehouse large enough.

  8. Hmmm become good?? It cant compete with the Xbox or Ps3 for me

  9. This christmas is going to be an interesting one to watch. Heck, it’s going to get fairly interesting pretty soon when Kinect launches..

  10. Wii is probably the best value, and to the casuals it’s going to look even more attractive when there’s an accessory that costs more than an actual console being forced down their throat in the form of Kinect.

    For all the empty hype of Kinect, I think what it’ll end up doing is driving Wii sales this christmas.

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