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Nintendo Offering The Best Value This Christmas?

Value is a hard thing to quantify, as it’s generally down to perception.  For example, this weekend a storage unit of mine flooded, damaging a number of personal possessions.  Among the survivors was my original Optimus Prime Transformers toy (still boxed).  To me, the value of that is off the chart, but to you it might just look like a toy.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime feels the same about the Nintendo Wii, and even though there won’t be a price cut this year he feels that the console gives consumers the best value this holiday season.

“30 Million consumers have bought a Wii (in US). The consumer today who hasn’t; they’ve experienced four holidays of Wii out of stock, and new Wii software, but they still haven’t bought one and so the key question is why?

Maybe they’re looking for better content, and we’ve got a wide range of different software coming out this holiday season.

We’re giving [consumers] the best value this holiday season than they’ve ever had.”

In terms of content he has a point, as the next few months will see some stellar Wii games.  In terms of price though, I’m not sure if I can agree.  The Wii is still selling at a fairly high price point, and is actually more expensive than the Xbox 360 4GB.

What would Nintendo have to do to make you view the Wii as good value this Christmas?

Source: Forbes


  1. Is the Wii great value? No says solidsteven, it has shovelware No says the hardcore gamer, it’s boring . That is why i found the casual market where shovelware sells and remains on the charts for months. Where game companies can make easy money.

    The short version is no.:P

  2. I had a Wii for xmas 2008, once I completed zelda and no more heroes, I found that a lot of games coming out for it didn’t appeal to me. Sure it’s alright for casual gamers, but with the launch of the PS Move I think of 3rd party games will migrate to the PS3 as developers can do more with it, and can see thier games selling. An example of the would be nore more heroes port to PS3.

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