Bejeweled 3 Announced

Ah, PopCap. You do like to surprise us, don’t you? It’s hardly the biggest news ever that Bejeweled 3 is coming but the fact that it’ll be released next month is a bit of a shock. Yep, you’ll be able to get more fun out of matching three gems very soon, on the 7th of December.

So, one of the most addictive puzzle games ever is getting another sequel, what makes this one worth your cash? Well, first of all it’s going to have a visual overhaul, along with expanded versions of Bejeweled 2’s game modes. There’s now even more variety with gems and power-ups and the gameplay is refined to make it a lot more smooth, an example of this being that you are able to make multiple matches whilst gems are falling.


How about those new modes, then? There’s now a Quest mode with 40 puzzles, a new Zen mode if you want to relax with a personalised soundtrack, a Lightning mode if you like your Bejeweled frantic and explosive and then there’s four brand new modes that PopCap have teased us with; two of these are named Butterflies and Ice Storm. Very, very interesting…

And finally, there’s the new Badge reward system, which we can assume will be an achievement system within the game. It all sounds very interesting, and the fifth entry in the Bejeweled series is sure to be the best yet. I’m sure that we’ll all be addicted all over again when it releases on PC next month!

Now, where’s my Peggle 2 and Plants Vs. Zombies 2?

Source: Press Release



  1. I am sooo excited for this. However, I am unsure if this is what I need to feed my addiction to this game, especially when I was starting to ween off the iPhone version.

  2. I know I should avoid this otherwise I’ll fail all my exams xD

  3. I purchased the PS3 version, but it’s sooo damn slow and dull. Gotta have a demo this time around if they want my money again.

  4. Bejewelled is very much a guilty pleasure of mine, just something satisfying about lining up coloured jewels

  5. Great classic game, and pretty addictive. I hope they don’t have a stupid near impossible trophy like Bej.2 had…have 5 hypercubes on the board at the same time.

    • Annoyingly, the Mrs got that trophy in her first 30 mins of playing it. She won’t let me or my mates live it down :(

  6. ooooo hopfully PvZ2 is next!

  7. I think there’s a particular sort of mind that can play Bejeweled really, really well. Sadly, it’s not me. However, great news about a potentially yawn-inducing sequel (let’s be fair, it’s like getting sequels to Tetris) but PopCap sound like they’ve given the game about as much TLC as they can muster this time ’round. Good on them.

    Now onto more important things. Anyone who’s played PvZ (Plants Vs Zombies) knows that there’s some serious longevity to be had here. Hell, think of not only a sequel to this stunning game but what about if you pair different things up? They could run and run with this.

    • Have you tried Beghouled in PvZ?

      • Ah, one of the mini games I didn’t enjoy as I’m not a natural at Bejeweled and, thus, was a bit of a dunce at Beghouled. :-) Top mention, though.

  8. Any news of an iPhone version?

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