EA Closes PopCap Dublin

EA have closed up the Dublin branch of casual gaming funsters PopCap, according to reports and Tweets emerging this morning.

EA bought PopCap for $650 million last year, but later complained of “duplicative” roles within the company which meant the company’s Seattle arm lost fifty employees.



From other Tweets it appears employees had 30 days to prepare for the closure.



  1. thats a shame, EA cutting costs ? Never !

  2. At 20 quid for bejeweled 3 how the hell have they closed?
    Whoops,my bad,it’s EA we’re talking about here.On a serious note i hope those 30 days notice they got given were enough for them to find alternative employment.Good luck to them.

  3. so all that money ea make off their season pass crap is not going to keep studios going?

    not that that’s news.

    it’s starting to look like ea are getting into asset stripping these days.

  4. That’s a shame although EA are offering 300 jobs in Galway so it’s not all bad news.

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