Plants vs Zombies Coming to PS Vita

Sony has announced that Plants vs Zombies is going to release on the PS Vita, through the Playstation Twitter Account.

“Surprise! Plants vs Zombies is coming to PS Vita. Thanks @popcap@SonyOnline

Sony also tweeted a picture showing a Plants vs Zombies sign,  a hand stand holding a Vita and someone smiling while I assume they play Plants vs Zombies on the PS Vita.

[drop]IGN got the full scoop describing the Vita version as identical to the PSN version of the  game and also revealed that Plants vs Zombies for Vita will be a launch title.

It was also noted that the game doesn’t add much from the PSN version except for the addition of “Vita-specific online leaderboards.”

Plants vs Zombies Vita will also utilise the touch controls that are offered by the device to move about the plant cards set up your defence.

However, according to the preview, you have to choose between touch controls or traditional controls, as they won’t work together.

Adding Plants vs Zombies to the PS Vita launch line up just strengthens the line up and adds to the already great list of games for launch adopters.



  1. Sounds like the right kind of thing for Vita that you can just pick up for a few minutes. Would like to be given it free since I already have the PSN version but I doubt it.

  2. So basically they took the PS3 game, and added a touch mode onto it, instead of integrating it?
    That’s slightly lazy.
    Still, at least it’s coming out. Probably won’t get it though- I have it on PS3 and iPad, and don’t really play it much.
    Mind you, a cunning PSN sale would tempt me…

  3. Meh why could they not release PvsZ 2 instead….

  4. Not sure when I’ll have the funds for a Vita… It’ll be either a Vita or a Hauppauge HD PVR for my PS3/360…

  5. Where’s my PvZ2?? Stop making it on every device to ever exist, i want the sequel!

    • I want it in 3D, it would be the greatest tower defence game… (I think it is or is flower?) ever made…. on earth.

  6. Got it for free for the first time, fun game….. it will make me buy it twice now.

  7. It will more than likely be overpriced. They keep releasing it on different platforms and touting it as if it is something new and exciting. It’s an old game now (a very good one though,) and the price should reflect that.
    Other devs would be slated for milking a game so much and not bothering with a sequel.

    • Have you met Nintendo? Refine, tweak, copy, paste. Job done.

      • Better than re-release with different controls and at a higher or lower resolution.

  8. My PS3 version will do just fine, it even has multiplayer (VS and Co-op) which wont work as well on the Vita. If no new levels, plants or zombies are added, basically a sequel, I’m keeping my money.

  9. Why can’t touch and physical controls work at the same time, seems stupid to me. Will be overpriced as always too…

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