LBP2 Beta Goes Top Gun

Press play on the video NOW. Do not read any further because whatever I am about to write is less interesting than the embedded LBP2 Beta movie below. I could write that your mum is dancing naked down the street and you wouldn’t care. Press play, now.

Watched it? Managed to pick you jaw up from the floor yet? How on earth have they done that in LBP2? It’s Afterburner, complete with an on screen HUD.



Source: YouTube



  1. I really wish I was this good at making stuff. Just absolutley epic!

  2. Very creative and great use of LBP toolbox. Wonder were this will all end …bring on the armature Dev’s .

  3. That’s amazing. LBP2 looks really, really good.

  4. There’s so much to learn…

  5. Thats amazing enough said.

  6. Woah

  7. I admire (really, really, really admire) LBP/2 creators for their creativity but I’m not sure playing severely limited/borked and handicapped versions of classic games is all that.

    Why play a 3rd rate Limbo, or a 5th rate Portal when you can play the real thing?

    The best thing about LBP1 was the campaign, the Media Molecule levels were infinitely better than 99.9999% of user levels, I hope LBP2’s campaign is similarly good, but I’d prefer a handful of DLC levels by Media Molecule to the million sticker packs we got last time.

    Impressive creating skillz though!

    • I entirely agree with this, the more I see of these levels, as impressive as they are technically, once you get over the initial wow, how did they do this, most of them don’t actually look much fun to play.

    • You’re absolutely right, so far these levels are mighty impressive but they’re nothing to get overly excited about. As you say you may as well play the real things (Though this is all for one price).

      What I hope to happen however is for people who never had the opportunity to make a real game, but have a unique idea, to create a totally new experience or genre.

      Once people get bored with copying other’s ideas, there has to be some original ones coming through. Who knows? This could eventually lead to real game developers copying levels made by regular LBP2 players and creating full games out of them, leading to a career for the creator. I don’t think it’s too much of a leap from what we’ve been saying so far, to this happening.

    • My knee jerk reaction is to say yes but if you think about what MM are trying to create, they’re trying to create a platform for games. We can now have a multi-part level where you infiltrate (on a boat under cover of night), kill the bad guys and rescue the princess, etc, then escape via one of the fighter jets. Just an example but accessible tools to create stuff like this means we’ll see even more inventive level types. After initial release we’re going to see so many carbon copies where people are just tooling around with new … tools. However, after that dies down we’ll see unbelievable levels which leaves our mouths agape.

    • I totally agree. It’s very impressive but almost pointless!

      On another note, skillz is actually spelt skills. It’s rather hypocritical to ban someone for spelling incorrectly and then do exactly that yourself.

      • What the hell are you talking about?
        When have I ever banned anyone?
        Is one comment, tongue in cheek, the same as ignoring 10’s of polite requests making about a 1,000 comments annoying almost every other single person?

        Grow up!

    • You have a point, but what if someone came up with something completely new and unique that surpasses the likes of let’s say Limbo? LBP2 will be the cheapest dev kit for a console. Just wait until someone creates something that catches Sony’s eye and get developed as a brand new PS3 exclusive… Sure people will recreate many many classics but that’s fine. Let them add a little twist to it and make it fun again. Nothing wrong with that.

    • But, would they necessarily be borked? For example, a sackboy version of the classic Gauntlet would probably be possible, and I’m pretty sure I have seen a micro machines clone.

      If anything, I could see this opening up a micro industry where a user can buy a small game from Apple appstore-like setup for a nominal amount (eg Angry Birds at 79p), if Sony get their acts together.

  8. I have not kept up with the lbp2 news, so you literally make your own games???

    • LBP2’s slogan says that it’s no longer a platform game, but a “platform for games”. So yeah, literally. Can’t wait!

  9. Excellent, can’t wait to play all the great user created stuff.

  10. awesome!!!!

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