Bungie Raise Halo: Reach Level Cap

Well Bungie laid down the challenge, and you guys have duly responded.  The deal was that if you could complete 117 million daily and weekly challenges, they would raise the rank cap above  Lt Colonel Grade Three.  Bungie has posted the following on their site:

“49 days and more than a few million Challenges later, you’ve totally decapitated the Rank cap in Halo: Reach. That means there are now more kick ass Rank and Armor options available in the Armory than ever before.

To help get you suited up into some hot new gear, we’re introducing huge Credit Jackpots for players who routinely finish their games. Because we love you and we want you to have nice things.”

You could say we liked Halo: Reach when we reviewed it a few weeks ago, and it’s well worth a purchase. 

Source: Bungie


  1. Sounds good. I really need to get into this game.

  2. Wooo something to work on since im high already :)

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