Konami: No Trophies For MGS 4

Yesterday we, along with most of the internet, reported on the surfacing of boxart that suggested Metal Gear Solid 4 was to get Trophies.  We did fire off an email to Konami’s UK PR team but never heard back, but that didn’t stop other sites contacting Konami direct.

Like this one, who claims they’ve got a reply back from the Japanese developers’ customer support.


“The listing of Trophies in the Greatest Hits edition of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a printing error that we are aware off [sic],” says the apparent email reply. “We are working with Sony to correct this error. Unfortunately, at this time there are no plans to patch trophy support into this game.”

We’re presuming it’s real, given that others have told us the boxart is a misprint – indeed, the new version of the game’s been out for a couple of weeks, seemingly.



  1. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    • same, i doubted they would patch a 2+ yr old game

      • they patch upscaled ps2 games with trophy support so why not this?

      • Because it’s not a patch on the upscaled PS2 games, they come out as new releases as ‘classics’ to generate a whole load of new sales – MGS would only be a patch & therefore wouldn’t pick up many new sales.

  2. I think it’s time to let go. The game is two and half years old now

    • It’s MGS though…its not worth letting go…ever :P

    • id rather have them use the time to make all the old games in HD and release a collectors pack instead of wasting time adding pointless trophies!

      • pointless to you not everyone.

      • I’d rather they did the lot and then charged me £100 for a special edition of it.

  3. Ah well not to worry as all the MGS are stunning, best games ever!
    Although, it would be nice to play them all again with Trophies Konami, if youre listening, it would be cool, way cool :-)

  4. Snigger

  5. A little bit of me inside just died!

  6. Oh well looks like its not worth keeping hold of Mr snake, time to trade him in and get a couple of quid

    • That is probably literally all that you would get this far after release – May as well keep hold of it!

    • Well GAME sell it preowned for £24.99, which means they should give £12.49 for it.

  7. I was hopeful the original post about this would be confirmed but alas not to be it seems, shame but even so still an amazing game worthy of playing again without trophies.

  8. I really don’t care about trophies, the MGS games are always full of things to boasrt about anyway. Particularly in MGS3 and 4, try getting the stealth and the bandana, that’s a true test of your MGS prowess not a trophy that says congrats you snook past 15 guards, yeah because we haven’t been doing that since 1996.

    • Yeaaaahhhhh! What JayJay said!

    • But the difference is other people can see your trophies and can see you’ve achieved this or that.

    • Fair point actually…in all fairness it would show it publicly though and eliminate braggarts from the pro’s :’) trophies is more of an egotistical sport :’)

      • *sigh* pride, it’s a deadly sin you know!

      • Indeed it is :’) it is probably every gamer’s sin

      • then don’t collect them but many people enjoy it I no I give games more time now than I ever did before trophies came on the scene.

      • now trophies are on the scene ahhh

  9. Hardly the end of the world but it was a nice dream while it lasted. MGS4 is still worth replaying regardless.

  10. Aw well still I keep it the online/multiplayer is still awesome. I occasionally play this with 2 friends on late nights like Friday at 2am lol.

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