Sniper: Ghost Warrior Jumps To PS3

City Interactive have announced that the Xbox 360 & PC title “Sniper: Ghost Warrior” is to be released on PlayStation 3.  The game will arrive in the first quarter of 2011 and will have all the features of the 360 version but with improved graphics and game play.

There will also be PS3 exclusive single-player missions, new multiplayer maps and modes including Capture the Flag, a new hardcore difficulty level and new rifles including the L96 and the M200.


“Sniper: Ghost Warrior was our most ambitious project, and despite the great reactions of the players we wanted to ensure that the PS3 version brings the series to an even higher level,” said Market Tyminski, CEO of City Interactive. “We are pleased with exclusive content and the new game modes offer the best sniper game on the market for PS3 owners”

Would you like some screenshots from the new PS3 version? Then you’re in luck.

Source: Spieltester



  1. I think this article is a good example as to why games coming later to the PS3 is not always a bad thing. Looks like we are finally seeing an end to the crappy PS3 ports that were floating around for so long!

  2. It seems to have gotten a mediocre reception on pc and 360.

    • I’d take some titles with mediocre reviews over some top titles.

      • likewise

      • Same here not mentioning any games. That always end being called the “biggest game of the year”. I think a few games i have had bad reviews.

      • Ditto

  3. I was so happy about this when I heard about it the other day, it looks fantastic!

  4. ” the great reactions of the players” i was under the impression that this game was received like dog shit smeared in a sickly infants face /watch?v=ednDbd5ExUg

  5. Im always up for a bit of sniping gameplay

  6. looks interesting, do like some sniping gaming now and again

  7. yay for PS3 exclusive stuff :)

  8. I bought this on release for xbox and its amazing…ly BAD!!!. Ur dressed in a ghillie suit and when you try to sneak the enemy spot like 300m away, its terrible, online is ok but still poo. I will defo not even atempt to look at this game even with exclusive content its that crap, i wish they brought a sniper elite game out.

    • yeah sniper elite was quality

  9. well sniping is fun, especially whenit goes slow-mo and see thier heads explode

  10. I had this on 360 and I thought it sucked pretty hard, so I’m not sure where they are getting these ‘great reactions’ from.. The graphics were pretty good but the AI was terrible and ruined the game, imo..

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