Sniper: Ghost Warrior Sequel Confirmed

Confirming in an interview with Eurogamer Sweden, Polish development house City Interactive have confirmed that they are hard at work on a sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior.


Similar to PSN/XBL title Nexuiz (Gesundheit!), the Sniper sequel will be powered by Crytek’s new technology, CryEngine3.

Finally, if the name City Interactive sounds familiar, you may recall it in connection to the studio ex-Codemasters Stuart Black moved to after his infamous departure from another FPS, Bodycount. There is no confirmation at the moment if Black is working on the follow-up to Sniper: Ghost Warrior, however.

The sequel is set for a release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Ghost Warrior didn’t seem to be too much of a darling with the critics, and without experiencing it first hand, I can see why. However, the fact that there is a sequel has me interested in playing the first game, so I may get the PlayStation 3 re-release.

  2. I’m very tempted by the PS3 release since sniping is my favourite type of gunplay.

  3. everyone loves to snipe… hope this is good

  4. Missing out the “Right?” But otherwise excellent subtitle

  5. Personally I thought the first game was pretty awful, so I’m quite surprised to see they’ re making asequel..

  6. I want a HD remake of Sniper Elite. Besides that, hopefully this will help migrate the sniper fanatics from MoH and CoD.

  7. Looking to pick up the 1st one when that’s released on PS3, and will keep my eyes on this. The 360 one didn’t receive the best reviews, but it’s more the sniping game play I want.

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