Sniper: Ghost Warrior Heads To PS3 In June

It has been announced that Sniper: Ghost Warrior will be heading to the PS3 on June 28th for the US, and May 6th for the UK. An upgrade over the current Xbox 360 version, the game is set on the fictitious South American island of Isla Trueno, where a despotic military regime lead by the ruthless General Vasquez has overthrown its democratic government to seize control. As one of a group of covert commandos, the player is charged with infiltrating the rebel stronghold and overthrowing the unelected powerbase.

Seeing as how sniping is the name of the game (literally) realism is key, with a realistic ballistic system that accounts for the distance of a shot, fall-off of the bullet’s trajectory, and environmental factors, such as wind direction.

UPDATE: The game has been dated for a UK release of May 6th.

Source: Press Release


  1. I like the sounds of a sniper based game however I heard terrible things about the Xbox version….will need to read some reviews first

  2. This better be better than the 2/10 Xbox 360 version for anyone to give a crap…

    • …I give a crap! Have been wanting this since it was announced for an April release. Any indication as to why there’s a delay?

      • It seems that June is for the US, the UK gets it on May 6th.

      • Oh, good. I thought it had been put back to the 6th. Then I read this and assumed it was put back again! Cheers

    • i think it will be a sub standard game but i just love sniping same on all call of dutys boo hiss i hear you say but i do always have and there is a massive community for snipers on games but i cant see this game delivering the goods bu i will still rent and give it a go does it have trophies does anyone know?

  3. A proper sniping game would be good but the xbox one got terrible reviews, they would of had to fix it up quite a bit for me to have a look at it.

  4. its on our new release schedule for 6th of may aswell. unusual for U.S to get a game after us.

  5. I’ll definitely be taking a look at this because of how much I loved Sniper Elite, 360 reviews didn’t sound too promising though.

    • probably best to save yourself for sniper elite 2 i know i am

  6. Wow, it’s quite early here compared to the US one, isn’t it?

  7. I got worried for a sec as I was sure that the PS3 version was the 6th of May, I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while now. Seems odd that the US version isn’t until June, I hope that doesn’t mean empty servers for matchmaking.

  8. Can’t deny I’d like a game where you snipe from afar 90% of time. Just how good is it? Need to see player opinions before buying.
    Overall 360 and PC version considered a bad game, which sold a lot.
    Everyone wants to be an invisible scripted headshot cheater)))) (c) Duke Nukem

  9. I’ve just registered so that I can leave a comment here about this “game”.

    Save your money and don’t even think about buying this drivel. I had it on the PC and can honestly say that I would rather suck diarrhea through a sweaty sock. It was that bad. A mate of mine had it for the 360 and he said it was just as bad.

    • Yeah I’ve heard nothing positive about it so far. Oh, and welcome!

      • Hah! Best anal-ogy I’ve seen for a while. I’ll demote this to a rental off of LoveFilm then.

      • And welcome :D

  10. ^^ Cheers guys.

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