FIFA 11 Tournament: Round 1 Fixtures

Its time to lace up your boots ladies and gentlemen. The FIFA 11 tournament is a go and some very interesting fixtures have been drawn up for those that entered. My thanks go out to all the competitors for such a varied set of team choices making my job much easier than it could have been.

We have a total of 26 entries which for the first round means 6 of you will automatically go through to the next rounds draw. The remaining 20 will be battling it out in a 1 vs 1 single match with a few minor rules to follow:

  • If any competitor disconnects in the second half of the game they automatically forfeit the match.
  • If there is any more than one disconnect from a single competitor at any time that person automatically forfeits the match.
  • No Virtual Pros or created players are allowed.
  • Matches are to be 5 minute halves
  • If after 90 mins the match is drawn Extra Time is to be played
  • If Extra Time results in a draw then penalties are played to decide the match

Now that the rules are out of the way we move onto the fixtures themselves. PSN IDs are in brackets where they differ from TSA counterparts and team selections are in italics:

  • 4. pitchforkdisney Leeds Utd vs 20. marc1991 Blackpool
  • 5. The Vader (gamer0808) Lecce vs 19. brendancalls FC Utrecht
  • 7. Ryan1991 Standard Liege vs 21. Raen (halbpro) Brighton
  • 8. Tobo_56 Notts Forest vs 2. Vaile23 Cardiff
  • 9. Guyers94 (alex500) Crystal Palace vs 22. TwoJay Sparta Praha
  • 10. arrybags (spixworthblue) Southend Utd vs 12. jammie_dodger (collison08) LA Galaxy
  • 11. beeje13 NY Red Bulls vs 26. Roynaldo Hull City
  • 14. PoolieMike QPR vs 24. djhsecondnature Salvador
  • 17. Hoopiness Caen vs 23. archer184 Portsmouth
  • 18. Avril_14th Santos Laguna vs 25. kitt_007 Real Betis

The following competitors have a free ride (or bye) into the next round:

  • 1.  Burgess_101 Accrington Stanley
  • 3.  Mark0605 Feyenoord
  • 6.  Yung Jones (YungJones) Middlesborough
  • 13. Lfc-Gaz Bologna
  • 15. stingraz Burnley
  • 16. R1MJAW SC Freiburg

Matches are to be played by Saturday 13th November 11pm and you are responsible for contacting your opponent and organising a day and time to play before the deadline. If there is any concerns regarding this then please contact me at my email, [email protected] to resolve any problems. All results are to be sent to the same address after you have played.

Good luck everyone (Except beeje13, you are my nemesis!)

This post was written and submitted by Roynaldo.



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  2. Cardiff 3-2 Forest

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