FIFA 11 Tournament Results

Godly! He barely conceded a goal from beginning to end, scoring hat fulls along the way. 26 players battled it out and one prevailed through it all, our resident FIFA master Yung Jones.

Three rounds were needed in this for an expected tight set of matches, here are the results for the final:

Final results:

  • Match 1: TwoJay Sparta Praha 1-0 YungJones Middlesborough
  • Match 2: TwoJay Sparta Praha 0-2 YungJones Middlesborough
  • Match 3: TwoJay Sparta Praha 1-3 YungJones Middlesborough

Congratulations to you sir, a lovely £20 PSN code should be winging its way to you any time now, also commiserations to TwoJay for making it this far. I can only hope your TSA points soften the blow somewhat.

Unfortunately the 3rd place playoff was not played due to mark0605 being unable to find the time and so our 3rd place winner is Vaile23 who also grabs a bunch of points for his fine efforts on the field.

My thanks go out to all the competitors for fine organisation skills and facing defeat with dignity, true professionals. If you would like to see any competitions here on TSA then head over to the forums and speak to the community team. We are here to provide you with what you want, help us help you.

Now all join me in bowing down to TSAs FIFA 11 master, YungJones!

This post was written by Roynaldo.



  1. well done guys.

  2. Congratulations YungJones!

  3. Sounds like it must have been pretty nerve wracking going into the 3rd game!
    Out of interest, who scored the first goal in that match?

    Congratulations to Yung, and a good job by TwoJay and Vaile.

    • If i’m not mistaken, he scored first. I then equalized it. After a while, he scored his second. This is where it went wrong :P I started pushing for the equalizer, almost got it a few times too, he then hit me on the counter if I remember correctly. Classic sucker punch!

      • Yeah when I was 2-1 up you were pressing hard for an equaliser and I even had to clear one of your shot off the line. Great match overall though.

  4. Well done guys. I suck at FIFA online and if ever there is another competition like this then i doubt that i wilk enter due to my lack of FIFA skills

  5. “I can only hope your TSA points soften the blow somewhat.” – No, it doesn’t :'(

    Congrats to YungJones, well played!

    • Well played to you too dude, you were defensively sound, I only managed to score on the break and it was a classic encounter :).

  6. Congrats YungJones.
    I take it, by your choice of team your a Middlesborough supporter, I bet you wish they could win in the real world.

    • Nope, i’m a Man Utd supporter, I just asked my nephew to pick any random 3 star for me.

  7. Well done YungJones.
    As a side note, while the team is referred to as “The Boro”, it’s spelt Middlesbrough.

    • meh, potato po-tato :D

      • Technically that still says ‘potato’, hyphen or not, it’s Bruh, not Boro :D

      • meh potato po-tato :D

      • LOL! Leave the man alone!

      • Curse you Roynaldo, and your supreme arguing skills!

      • TSA needs a LIKE button.

  8. Thanks for the congrats guys, it was a tough final and I hope to finish in the same position if there’s another tournament soon!

    • Not if I have anything to do with it ;)

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