FIFA 11 Tournament: Semi-Final

The end is in sight, we are down to 4 players battling it out for a shot at FIFA supremacy and a lovely £20 PSN voucher. Again another few tight matches decided who could get to this stage and unfortunately 1 competitor automatically forfeit their match. Despite this the show must go on and we are at that stage where we up the anti, so to speak.

All rules are exactly the same as before but we are now playing best of 3 matches to decide who goes to the final and who gets a more modest shot at the 3rd place playoff for some TSA points. Without further ado here are the results and fixtures for the semi final:

Quarter Final results:

  • marc1991 Blackpool 3-4 Vaile23 Cardiff
  • TwoJay Sparta Praha 2-0 PoolieMike QPR
  • Mark0605 Feyenoord vs kitt_007 Real Betis Mark0605 progresses due to forfeit
  • Yung Jones (YungJones) Middlesborough 1-0 The Vader (gamer0808) Lecce

Semi Final fixtures:

  • Yung Jones (YungJones) Middlesborough vs Vaile23 Cardiff
  • TwoJay Sparta Praha vs Mark0605 Feyenoord

Matches again to be played by the deadline of Sunday 5th December 6pm. If any problems arise organising your fixture do not hesitate to contact me at my email [email protected]. All results to be sent to the same email.

Good luck semi finalists.

This post was written and submitted by Roynaldo.



  1. well in the cardiff guy, gd luck hope you win ;) lol

  2. God dammit trust me to get TwoJay in the first round, concede a ridiculous last-minute equaliser then get beat on pens.

    But I’m not bitter…

  3. Ahhh noooo, Gamer0808 what happened,
    I put £10 on you at ladbrokes the other week, you owe me that back now ;-)

    • ah mate i couldnt play i broke my hand so i had to get my cousin to play the quarter final and he is so bad at fifa lol cant believe he only conceded 1 goal doh lol

  4. So we face each other three times and the first person to win two games progresses to the final?

  5. Wow, what a tense semi-final. Well played Mark (: Could have gone either way.

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