FIFA 11 Tournament: The Final

Its finally time for the winner of our FIFA tournament to be decided. 26 are now whittled down to just 2. The best TSA has to offer are to play a best of 3 set of matches to decide who is our FIFA God and take home a lovely £20 PSN voucher with them to compliment their mad skills on the field.

One last lace up of the boots, one last push to take the gold. Who will it be?

Along with this final we have a 3rd place playoff series of matches that need to be played to decide who will take bronze and a princely sum of TSA points along with them. Yet again the semi finals were a serious test for the participants and a great amount of sweat was poured in deciding who proceeded to the grand stage.

Semi Final results:

TwoJay Sparta Praha vs Mark0605 Feyenoord

  • 1st Match: 90 Mins: TwoJay 2-1 Mark0605
  • 2nd Match: 90 Mins: TwoJay 0-1 Mark0605
  • 3rd Match: 90 Mins: TwoJay 3-0 Mark0605

YungJones Middlesborough vs Vaile23 Cardiff

  • 1st Match: 90mins: YungJones 1-0 Vaile23
  • 2nd Match: 90 mins: YungJones  3-0 Vaile23

3rd Place playoff fixture:

  • Vaile23 Cardiff vs Mark0605 Feyenoord

The Final:

  • YungJones Middlesborough vs TwoJay SpartaPraha

Im sure the players know by now how this goes. All rules are the same as before. Any queries regarding fixtures to be sent to my email, [email protected] and all results to the same address.

Good Luck fellas!

This post was written by Roynaldo.



  1. well done on getting to final if only my accrington team was a little faster id have been here ;)

  2. Good luck finalists! ^^

  3. YungJones, when can we play? (: Looking forward to it.

    Good luck to you as well as the players in the third place playoff

    • I’m free for most of today and tomorrow so I should be able to play then, if not we can arrange another date. I’ll add you on PSN if you haven’t added me already and we’ll sort something out.

      Good luck, may the best team win and see you at Wembley! ;)

      • I can play in an hour or two if you’re free then, I’ve added you earlier.

        May the best team win (:

  4. Congrats to all who made it this far.
    I’m rooting for TwoJay (as he put me out of the comp).

    • Thanks R1MJAW! I’m hoping it counts (:

  5. The link in the tweet is wrong*

  6. Good luck to you all

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