FIFA 11 Tournament: Quarter Final

This is where tournaments create a real amount of nerves, much more than earlier rounds where we know the end is far away. Now we are entering the stage that could make the weak minded crumble and the strong minded triumphant. Eight competitors are left of which four can make the semi finals for a chance to, at minimum, grab a chunk of TSA points, at best make it to the final for a further chance at the £20 PSN card on offer for the eventual winner.

Who has the guts? Who will have the glory?

The last fixtures im told were a sight to behold with many goals, tight finishes, woodwork, penalties, sending offs. Everything a football fan could wish for. This. im sure, gives the quarter final fixtures a lot to live up to.

Last 16 results:

  • Mark0605 Feyenoord 2-2 beeje13 NY Red Bulls Pens: 5-4
  • stingraz Burnley 2-2 marc1991 Blackpool Pens 3-5
  • kitt_007 Real Betis 0-0 arrybags (spixworthblue) Southend Utd ET: 1-0
  • PoolieMike QPR 5-0 Hoopiness Caen
  • The Vader (gamer0808) Lecce 4-2 Burgess_101 Accrington Stanley
  • Ryan1991 Standard Liege 1-6 Yung Jones (YungJones) Middlesborough
  • Vaile23 Cardiff 1-1 Lfc-Gaz Bologna Pens: 3-0
  • TwoJay Sparta Praha 3-0 R1MJAW SC Freiburg

Quarter final fixtures:

  • marc1991 Blackpool  vs Vaile23 Cardiff
  • TwoJay Sparta Praha vs PoolieMike QPR
  • Mark0605 Feyenoord vs kitt_007 Real Betis
  • Yung Jones (YungJones) Middlesborough vs The Vader (gamer0808) Lecce

The rules are exactly the same as in previous rounds. Matches to be played by the deadline of Sunday 28th November 6pm. If any problems arise with your matches please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. All results to be sent to the same email.

Good Luck all. Squeaky bum time ahoy!

This post was written and submitted by Roynaldo.



  1. I hate the penalties in fifa, that really showed. I didn’t get any of my 3 pens on target and Vaile23 scored all 3. I was through 1-1 with his keeper in extra time, I really should of won it then!

  2. accrington just couldnt stand up to the might that is lecce :(

  3. I’m up against a player who scored 5..great!

    I’ll add you in a bit (:

    • I doubt I’ll play as well as I did last round. :(

      • D: That sort of attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere!
        Are you on now? We could finish off our match (:

      • I am but I currently have food in the oven. If you’re around in about an hour I should be good to play. We’ve got all week though :)

      • I’d rather get it over with though. Who knows how much time i’ll have when GT5 comes out. (Which is a good thing! ;) )

  4. Bluebirds! almost there…

    • Confidence is high in the Tangerines squad. Hopefully it will be a good game.

  5. Well in Cardiff, lol at the fxture, this time you gotta win ;)

    • i’ve played well in both of my last games but been unlucky, luck will change this time hopefully…

  6. I’ll add you up soon Vader, what time is good for you?

    • Hey sorry mate been busy with university but i will be home tomorrow so we can have our match :)

  7. Hey Mark, my uncle kitt_007 hasn’t been able to play the last few days. Been pretty busy. Two nights ago he logged in exactly 3 minutes after you logged out :P

    Hopefully you guys could finish your game today or tomorrow?

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