GT5 Is “Out There” – Video Proof

We’re still waiting on a release date (and a review copy, like everyone else) but in the meantime, it looks like certain Czech auctions have been real after all – here’s one lucky chap who appears to be playing the game right now.


At the time of publication we’ve heard little about the game other than he’s confirmed he’s playing it. Although, we assume it wouldn’t be impossible to fake and we would expect some sort of status on the XMB like “running 3rd at Laguna Seca” or “Tuning Set up”. It’s possible that this is a convoluted hoax but on face value it looks plausible.

We’re hoping for a Trophy list and some concrete details on a tracklist soon, and when we get it we’ll update and let you know.

Update: Another video has surfaced from the guy in question, lending further credence to this story:

Source: GTPlanet



  1. I really can’t see GT5 not having enhanced status data on the XMB

    Surely it would say ‘at the main menu’ or ‘in 2nd place on the top gear test track’ or whatever

    • It could be that the servers aren’t up yet. People playing LittleBigPlanet without being signed into the LBP servers won’t have an extra status behind the name.

      With that said though, I won’t be totally convinced unless they film the trophylist or game play. Other things can be fixed easily.

  2. Damn, thought he was about to compare trophies.

    • Yeah, why wouldn’t he compare Trophies, that the first thing people would do and video for enhanced proof

    • 3. is not a site you should check if people have trophies or not. First of all, the trophies might not be on PSN yet, and even if it is, it’s a good chance they’re not on

  3. This may be because a lot of Blu-rays are pressed in the Czech republic. Someone nicked it off the production line.

    • If its at the printers (which it is) someone would have nicked a few, surely. I just can’t understand why someone would go to the trouble of filming that, bring up their Trophycard and not compare Trophies

      • to keep the chance of him claiming its a fake, and hes made it all up… if he has stolen it from a printers, then he would be pretty dumb to tell the world and not expect to get caught!!

        I bet he has nicked the game, is playing it happily when he’s disconnected from the internet. the trophy list wouldn’t get updated, as he hasn’t been online and ran the GT5 disk to get the trophy patch( most games seem to patch it in on release day).

      • of course ignore all that is the PSN status only changes once the game is launched and not just sat in the

    • All my PS3 games say made in Austria.

  4. That’s not fair dood!!!!

  5. Strange. There wasn’t any trophies for GT5. Either he popped it into his PS3 just a minute earlier or this is a convincing fake.

  6. Wonder how long this story will stay up ;)

    Surely we’re due a release date soon?

    • No release date whilst all the rumour and counter rumour stories are taking up approximately 75% of all web traffic

  7. So how long before that guys PSN account is banned?

  8. People have been commenting about the pictures of the disks over on GTPlanet all night and they all thought it was fake but after seeing this I am now not so sure.

    • It’s possible that is the real deal, my friend. I’ve seen pictures of the collector’s edition on cvg, and the disk was the exact same.

      • It would be nice if it was real I just can’t help that think Sony would have something to say about the leaked copies by now.

  9. I don’t think Kaz is the type to put those types of status’ for the friends list, you ever seen those things scrolling, the text drops a pixel or two then starts scrolling, not nice, and you know how much of a perfectionist that there Kaz is.

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