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There’s no doubt that LBP2 is one of the most hotly anticipated titles of next year.  Some of the user created levels we’ve seen have looked amazing, as well as Media Molecule’s in-house levels.  The star of the show – Sackboy – wasn’t always so cute though.  In a fantastic blog over on Mm’s site, they take us through how a little pink square bodied piece of art, with a triangular yellow head,  became the Sackboy we all know and love.  Some of the original Sackboy sketches remind me a lot of ‘Alien Hominid’.  The entire blog can be found here, and is well worth a read.

Also included is a short video featuring some of the death animations for Sackboy, and they are surprisingly violent!


“It was quite far along into the project, and I’d really started to hate Sackboy at that point, so I kind of relished the idea of coming up with ways of killing him.  All sorts of horrible ways for Sackboy to expire were created, some were way more extreme than others.

I really liked to describe the way his material behaved, so some of them involved his thread being caught and him unravelling, or his fluff spilling out everywhere.

Glancing at the collection of sketches, I see Sackboy impaled on spikes, horribly squished or burned into a heap of ash. In the end the decision was made to make it a bit less gruesome, kick up the loveable, cute aspect.”

 Want to see him being squashed to death?  Then click the video below (you monsters!).

Source: Mm, Thanks Mike



  1. haha thats pretty funny, if only the deaths were like that in LBP2

    • I imagine if they were added then it would add unwanted cut scenes of deaths to the game. Trying to think of a game which shows you too much ‘deaths’… Burnout Paradise! Gawd I hardly hit the oncoming car <.<

      Hehe, those deaths do look good though and so does LBP2, I like the trailers cus they have lots of great music to go with them

  2. I think it was a bad move removing the death animations. That would have added to the already present humour greatly. Plus extra animations for custom suits would have been a nice touch.

  3. I don’t know why but those death animations made me think of Crash Bandicoot :P

  4. Nooo! That’s so cruel! Poor Sackboy.

  5. Poor Sackboy being thrown around like that, love the death animations though

  6. When sackboy was falling and landed on his head, my FB made that popping noise to signify a new message, sounded at the exact moment he landed. Funny :D

  7. lol reminds me of Homer Simpson falling off the cliff. But it’s not very nice is it, although I dropped a sackboy figure once, but he is ok! (I hope)

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