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Channel 4 Game(s) Coming To Consoles

Channel 4 television has announced it is working with an array of developers to bring games to various formats.

MCV reports that one of these developers is Scottish outfit ‘Proper Games’, who are developing a console title. A quick Google of the studio reveals that they are developers for PSN and Xbox LIVE so it looks like this mystery Channel 4 game will be coming to the big boys’ toys rather than the DS or Wii.

Also creating games for Channel 4 will be ‘Tuna’. On their website they have announced that they have managed to secure backing for a game called, err, Derrick, which (zing!) has been funded by 4IP, the Channel 4 games company. Tuna are keeping the game under wraps but have released the below concept sketch.


According to the Tuna blog, “Project DERRICK is scheduled for release in the second half of 2011 on PC, Mac & console if they accept it.”

Joining Tuna and Proper Games will be ‘Zoe Mode’ (who specialise in PSP, Move and Kinect games), ‘Preloaded games’ (Flash developers who ‘have their own office bike rack’), ‘Littleload’ (animation and Flash games) and ‘Inensu’, who will be developing an app for mobile devices called ‘Closet Swap’ which ‘aims to champion personally-created style over disposable high street fashion.’

Fabulous, darlings.

Sources: MCV / Inensu / Preloaded /Tuna


  1. As long as Hollyoaks: The Video Game never becomes an option, I’m happy!

    • Unless it involves a manhunt style mode in which i can hunt down tony and maim him lol or a wet t-shirt competition with the ladies ;)

    • meh Heavy rain styled holly oaks? *shivers*

  2. Big Brother the game! oh wait, thats already out …. The Sims!

  3. Could we see Jimmy Carr the game?

  4. Garth Marenghi the game could be amazing

    • Rats learn to drive in this book.

    • to make sure this game lasted long enough we made most of it in slow motion, look i’m just running down a hall, now i’m turning a cornor, oh look a flying kettle

  5. As far as I can tell all the games will be orginal IPs, not licensed titles.

  6. Wooop, channel 4 horse racing game can’t wait ;)

  7. i must say Derrick looks kinda funky

  8. Jaaaaaaam the game, or bass eye- anything with chris Morris will do

  9. Im looking forward to –
    Metal Gear Will: Briefcase Wanker
    Grand Designs Auto
    Peep Show: MMORPG
    Fallout: Countdown
    Lara Croft: How to look Good Naked w/ Gok Wan

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