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Channel 4 Releases Commissioning Details For Games

Colin Macdonald, Channel 4’s new games commissioner, has given details regarding how Channel 4 will be commissioning games for the following year, including exploring all available platforms.

Colin said:

“Games are great ways to engage young audiences. Over 85% of Channel 4’s target audience play games so this is a very natural space for us to explore.  The UK has a rich history of creative and technical excellence in gaming, but some of those games haven’t always reached as wide an audience as they deserved, and that’s where Channel 4 is aiming to make a real difference.”

Channel 4 will be offering budgets of between £50 to £500,000 for developers to create new games, and the company will allocate funds based on which platform is being considered and the potential audience size.

“The relatively recent accessibility of indie games has unearthed some of the best new experiences we’ve seen in years. I want Channel 4 to play a leading role in shining a light on the UK’s games industry renowned the world over for its incredible talent, creativity, and ability to utterly enthrall players.”

Channel 4 has also released a brief for developers.

  • Fun: Games that grab players’ attention quickly, and keep them coming back for more.
  • Agile: Be on top of the digital possibilities for the games of tomorrow.
  • Data driven: Connected games allow for deep understanding of what players are doing; what they’re enjoying in games, how long they spend doing it, and what they might want to do next.
  •  Crafted by experts: The best gaming experiences come from experts playing to their strengths.
  • Accessible: Games should be accessible to as wide an audience as possible, as well as being intuitive for that audience to get into.
Source: Press Release


  1. This is wonderful news. Admittedly, I’d love to see this at every place of academia but it’s a great start for people venturing into gaming or looking to churn out a second or third hit (esp. small/indie devs who are still looking to establish themselves).

  2. Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: The game!

  3. Shameless – The Game…. RPG?

  4. I’d like to see a hybrid game of Manhunt and Come Dine With Me so I can strangle every last pretentious pri**k of a host in front of a salivating audience.

    Platinum trophy: Food Preparation Hygiene
    Kill all hosts without sullying the food with their blood.

    Funds please. *holds out hand*

    • I’m sure you’ll be ending up in a mental institution soon enough, bunimo :P

      • I’ll be joining him then, as that sounds like a great game!

        Care to share a padded cell bunimo?

  5. The Bank Job and Million Pound Drop Games!

  6. Deal or no deal, with the option of just opening every box without waiting 60 seconds between each opening or having to listen to the man behind the box talk about how much they hope you win

  7. If 85% or their audience are gamers why don’t they make a gaming show?

    • it’s been done before and failed miserably.
      who wants to watch people play games when you could be playing them yourself instead?
      game reviews? just google it.
      game news? TSA it.

      • Yeah its true – People tend to browse the net for their gaming news these days.

        They would have to have a competition each & every week where you had to watch the whole programme to win for it to be any sort of success (& maybe not even then).

        Saying that though, i did used to love a bit of Gamesmaster.

  8. “Games are a great way to engage young audiences.”

    Interesting opening gambit; not sure I class myself as young at a year off 40….

    • Consider it a compliment mate! :)

      But i agree – Not very well thought out considering the average age of gamers these days.

    • True. I thought the average age of gamers was 33 now?

  9. Crackalacking news…..

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