TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #67 Trine 2

When writing up this our 34th entry in TSA’s Top 100 Games of 2011 feature, we were tempted to just embed the below trailer and leave it at that. No fancy words chronicling the illustrious background of the project, no snide remarks as to why a particular title has appeared where it does in the list. Just the video on its own, a visual declaration of intent.

But that would be just lazy, so here goes.


Finnish developer Frozenbyte’s Trine was a lush smörgåsbord of visual delight. Though often remembered for its iridescent palette, it’s Trine’s multiple player co-op focus and wonderful use of Nvidia’s PhysX engine that elevated the side-scrolling fantasy account of three adventurers’ almost magnetic attraction to a “soul-binding” artefact known as the Trine above what could have been a bog-standard yarn. Trine is also one of the rare few PSN titles to proffer a Platinum trophy – if you’re into that kind of thing.

Regarding its sequel, not much is known about Trine 2 other than the fact that, unlike its predecessor, it’s highly likely it will make an appearance on XBL. The visuals depicted below does suggest we’re in for another feast of the eyeballs, but that’s pretty much a given for this particular series. As for Move support (because we know you’re dying to know), nothing is guaranteed. Frozenbyte’s Joel did, however, have the following to say when the topic was raised on the Trine 2 forum.

“We are certainly interested in Move but at the moment I can’t make any promises. Sorry! We should know better closer to release.”

Now, click play and marvel in the profusion of colour and beauty that is Trine 2.



  1. I love the first one (one of my small amount of platinums) but this just looks like a level expansion. I’m sure it’ll be awesome but that video doesn’t do anything for me

    • I dunno Tim, the enemies look a bit cooler and more varied – there seemed to be other little elements of new things. I agree though that the trailer is a bit lacking in new features, but it is only the first trailer – I’m sure there will be much more to come =]

      • I guess it depends how much it is – I’ll just wait until there’s more info before I get excited

  2. Currently playing through the original amongst other titles, some mild complaints regarding the charachter switching and health distribution, but its far from spoiled it. The voice acting is incredible, the way that theres multiple ways of completing each section, and the sheer atmosphere that equals or betters most AAA titles are the reasons that make trine 2 a must buy.

    • I too thought the voice acting was quite brilliant! I expect more of the same from this sequel!

  3. Trine 2 is a lot higher on my list. Love the first part :)

  4. Trine was absolutely brilliant, but the hefty pricetag put me off at first – People still raved about it of course, but i am not one to succumb to peer pressure & it wasn’t until it appeared with a price reduction that i chose to take the plunge (i think it went from about £15 to around £8, but don’t quote me on that!) & am i glad i did now!
    The first one has gotten me seriously interested in the sequel, but i will have to watch the pricing before i decide whether to purchase or not. £10 or under & it is likely to be purchased, but anything over that isn’t going to sit well with me & i’ll probably skip it.

    • Yeah I think it was £8 it went down to, that’s when I got it too

    • I was put off to then I noticed it on offer in my PS+ and felt bad for waiting so long to play it

  5. Always sounded like a lavotory cleaner to me. “Use new Trine, tough on limescale!”

  6. the co-op section look great, and the visuals almost blow my eyes out

  7. Looks cool…

  8. Now you’re starting to get to the really good stuff…

  9. Only recently have I got into playing the first one though properly. I’ll deffo be keeping my eyes on this, all I can ask for is some form of co-op, and a starting price which isn’t ridiculous like last time.

    • I seem to recall Frozenbyte mentioning somewhere that they got the pricing wrong last time & that it would be more reasonable with the next instalment – Whether their version of reasonable matches up with yours & mine remains to be seen, but if i am recalling correctly, this could be good news!
      I could also of course be dreaming & wishing for things that will never happen…

      • Well the original price was something like £17. I waited till it went on special offer before getting it.
        I hope Trine 2 is £9.99 or thereabouts.

  10. Trine is a brilliant game. Very enjoyable with 3 players. Even if Trine 2 is just a level expansion I would love to buy it at a reasonable price. If they offer more, such as Move support, then all the better

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