Trine 2: Complete Story Confirmed For PS4

We heard whisperings of Trine 2 for PS4 last week and now Sony have officially confirmed that the game is coming to the console.

“It’s the very latest version of the game, including a total of 20 exciting levels full of adventure (that’s the main campaign plus the expansion Goblin Menace and the secret level Dwarven Caverns),” explained Kai from Frozen Byte, who will be self-publishing the game.

“PlayStation 4 has allowed us to go all-out on the technical side,” he continued, “So you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful graphics in 1080p resolution at 60 fps! What’s more, the game also supports stereoscopic 3D! With 3D displays becoming more common every day, we’ve made sure Trine 2: Complete Story is a treat to play in 3D as well.”

Trine 2 has been available on PS3 for a while but none of the DLC packs have ever been released.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Really couldn’t get into Trine or Trine 2. Tried really hard to like it as well :(

    • Try playing with a friend or partner that’s when it’s more engaging & easy to get into. Give it another go

  2. Stunning to look at. I really must give this a go on the PS4. I, too, couldn’t get along with the first one and have this on my “it deserves a bit more of my time” list. You know the list? The guilty-games list where you feel like you owe it to yourself (or the game) to give things another chance. :-)

    • I know the list… A bit like the not so great looking birds who fancy yer & you have a laugh with but they don’t quite cut it but probably do deserve a second chance!

  3. MOAR ps4 games is always better!

  4. Trine was one of my toughest platinums, Trine 2 was one of my easiest. Both enjoyable games.

  5. Just played the first one through again with the kids. Had the second on ps3 then bought it on pc for £2.49 on the steam sale with the dlc. I can play it maxed out already so nothing for me, but if you have not played them trine 2 in particular is stunning to look at and great fun if a little repetitive.

  6. I already own this on both PS3 and Wii U, don’t think I’ll bother pulling a hattrick. Haven’t even finished it on any platform.

  7. I liked and finished the first one on PS3, and picked up T2 a while ago – but I haven’t even started playing it yet.
    Maybe I’ll hold out and make a repurchase on PS4 if the price tag is right.

    How about an upgrade discount for those of us with T1 and T2 purchases in our PSN transaction history?

  8. Those screens look gorgeous and even though i got this free with plus on PS3, i may very well buy it for PS4.

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