Kaz Is Still Crazy About Those Skylines

With the announcement of the ACTUAL FINAL release date, the folks over at the PlayStation Blog have posted GT5’s car list (1,031 according to EuroGamer) and the track list (posted earlier on TSA).

And in those cars a shed load of Nissan Skylines, let’s count them together.

  1. SKYLINE 1500Deluxe (S50D-1) ’63 (S),
  2. SKYLINE 2000GT-B (S54A) ’67 (S),
  3. SKYLINE 2000GT-R (KPGC110) ’73 (S),
  4. SKYLINE Coupe 350GT ’03 (S),
  5. SKYLINE Coupe 370GT Type SP ’07 (P),
  6. SKYLINE GT-R (R32) ’89 (S),
  7. SKYLINE GT-R (R32) ’91 (S),
  8. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’95 (S),
  9. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’96 (S),
  10. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’97 (S),
  11. SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’99 (S),
  12. SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’00 (S),
  13. SKYLINE GT-R M·spec (R34) ’01 (S),
  14. SKYLINE GT-R M·spec Nür (R34) ’02 (S),
  15. SKYLINE GT-R N1 (R32) ’91 (S),
  16. SKYLINE GT-R N1 (R33) ’95 (S),
  17. SKYLINE GT-R Special Color Midnight Purple II (R34) ’99 (S),
  18. SKYLINE GT-R Special Color Midnight Purple III (R34) ’00 (S),
  19. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R32) ’93 (S),
  20. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’95 (S),
  21. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’96 (S),
  22. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’97 (P/S),
  23. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R34) ’99 (S),
  24. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II (R32) ’94 (P/S),
  25. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II (R34) ’00 (S),
  26. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II N1 (R34) ’00 (S),
  27. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II Nür (R34) ’02 (P/S),
  28. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec LM Limited (R33) ’96 (S),
  29. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec N1 (R32) ’93 (S),
  30. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec N1 (R34) ’99 (S),
  31. SKYLINE GTS25 Type S (R32) ’91 (S),
  32. SKYLINE GTS-R (R31) ’87 (S),
  33. SKYLINE GTS-t Type M (R32) ’89 (S),
  34. SKYLINE GTS-t Type M (R32) ’91 (S),
  35. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000 RS-X Turbo C (R30) ’84 (S),
  36. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000 Turbo RS (R30) ’83 (S),
  37. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000GT-R (KPGC10) ’70 (S),
  38. SKYLINE Sedan 300GT ’01 (S),
  39. SKYLINE Sedan 350GT Type SP ’06 (P),
  40. SKYLINE Sedan 350GT-8 ’02 (S),
  41. SKYLINE Sport Coupe (BLRA-3) ’62 (S)
  42. Yup, 41 Nissan Skylines (note these are only Nissan, and none of the tuning ones) quite a list, just annoys me a little at the amount, I’d of preferred less skylines and maybe more premium cars…

    Anyway, more counting (this time tuned cars)

  43. WOODONE ADVAN Clarion GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P),
  44. XANAVI HIROTO GT-R (JGTC) ’01 (S),
  45. XANAVI NISMO GT-R (JGTC) ’03 (S),
  47. YellowHat YMS TOMICA GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P)
  48. GT-R LM Road Going Version ’95 (S),
  49. Skyline GT-R R-tune (R34) ’99 (S),
  50. Skyline GT-R S-tune (R32) ’00 (S),
  51. Carbon R (R34) ’04 (S),
  52. DUNLOP ER34 SKYLINE (D1GP) ’07 (P),
  53. BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R N1 base ’06 (P),
  54. BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R V?spec N1 base ’00 (S)
  55. Oooops, seems I missed some, more counting…

  56. Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P),
  58. CALSONIC SKYLINE GT-R Race Car ’93 (S)
  59. FALKEN?GT-R Race Car ’04 (S),
  61. GRAN TURISMO SKYLINE GT-R (PaceCar) ’01 (S),
  62. GT-R ’07 (P),
  63. GT-R Black Mask ’07 (P),
  64. GT-R Concept (Tokyo Motor Show 2001) ’01 (S),
  65. GT-R Concept LM Race Car (S),
  66. GT-R Proto ’05 (P),
  67. GT-R SpecV ’09 (P/S),
  68. GT-R SpecV (GT Academy Version) ’09 (P),
  69. LOCTITE ZEXEL GT-R (JGTC) ’00 (S),
  71. PENNZOIL Nismo GT-R (JGTC) ’99 (S),

(P) – Premium = 13
(S) – Standard = 53
(P/S) – Half and half? = 4.

And there we have it, 70 variations of basically 1 car, some only differ in year number, but still 70!!!!

Via PSBlog(EU)

Thanks to Blayney for spotting we missed some.



  1. I put a link to this list in the comments of the course list yesterday!

  2. by the way, what’s the premium and standard thing about?

    is that to do with the details of the models? like some are really high rez versions.

    and what is half and half?
    is it anything like cut and shut?

    • The P/S is indeed confusing, I don’t know what it is, that’s why I put half an half, however, I’m guessing there’ll be some races for premium cars, and other for standard, so it might be 2 copies of the 1 car, 1 for standard, one for premium.

      • Isn’t it that standard ones are upscaled models from older GTs without the interior view or damage modelling while the Premium ones are totally new with full damage and interior modelling and more detailed exterior. I am sure I read somewhere that the modification options are much more limited on the standard cars too

      • Yeah the standard are unscaled versions, but apparently they’re better than GT5P’s models (somehow), and they don’t have interiors, and only basic damage (scratches etc.), it is a bit disappointing to be honest, someone needs to sort out Kaz’s priorities.

  3. Can’t wait to buy the Skyline Pack DLC. All those extra Skylines.

  4. I now know what my first 70 cars are gonna be xD

    skyline fan for life <3

  5. Tons of Skylines is normal for the GT series and yeah while I wouldn’t mind more variation it honesty doesn’t bother me too nuch. Doesn’t put me off getting the game that’s for sure.

  6. The skyline is 1 of the most successful race cars of japan, i am a bit dissapointed there isn’t a ford sierra rs500 in gt5 but hey, the game is japanese so they bound to show off their cars that have made an impact in there motorsport, tbh an R34 GTR tuned to 500bhp can really rip to shreds most cars in the world.

  7. Yes there is overkill here, the same with a lot of Japanese cars but the thing that makes GT so interesting, especially for those with Japanese cars, is that you can get your exact car.

    As well as that it is a bit silly to say 1 car, there are 19 different cars here, some then have many repeast with small differences eg, Vspec Vspec2 Vspec 2 type Nur, and there are also the different teams in the SuperGT versions. But they are certainly not all the same car.

    • I did say basically, meaning in one form or another it’s a Skyline, even if its just the body shape.

      • True but within that there are 17 or so different body shapes, to say a 63 Skyline is the same as a 09 GTR is silly.
        But hey articles are articles I guess.

      • Well obviously the shape changed with later iterations, with the GT-R looking like the later GT-R iteration. But it’s the same with the LM race cars etc. they’re basically different cars all together.

      • What?

  8. That’s a lot of skylines.

  9. Goodbye life.
    TSA will be dead for a few months once GT5 comes out.

  10. Why complain? its the greatest japanese car ever!!

    • No complaints, simply facts :)

      • The GTR is my favourite car ever made, can’t wait to drive it!

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