Black Ops, MW2 and Reach All Played Equally Online

Despite a recent massive media push and the biggest day one sales of a game ever, recent analysis by number-crunching social gaming service Raptr indicates that Call of Duty: Black Ops is only holding its own with old stalwarts Modern Warfare 2 and Halo: Reach in terms of online play-time.

Check out this handy chart to see just how much gamers (of the 360 variety in this case) are playing of the top five FPS titles:

Some other interesting stats include:

  • There appears to be a ceiling on how much gameplay an average gamer can digest in a week – About 23 hours a week on average. The top 3 FPS games have all reached this lofty mark.
  • Black Ops was the leader of the pack when it came to average session length – 3.29 hours
  • Halo: Reach was king for average total playtime on the first day – 6.19 hours
  • Modern Warfare 2 came out on top for average total playtime during the first week – 23.37 hours

What say you? Surprised people are playing Blops for 22 hours a week? I get less sleep than that.

Source: Raptr


  1. Zombies. spent about an hour in one _Awesome_ game today. Just one more game… is usually the culprit with Blops. Especially on wager matches too. The skill gambling is a problem, BUT ITS SO GOOD.

  2. Im lucky to manage an hour a day. Im sure i used to put more that 22 hrs a week into COD4

  3. A multi platform game against an exclusive game shouldn’t be compared…IMO.

    • good point

    • I think it is a perfectly reasonable comparison when they are all on the same console.

    • The figures are for the 360, which it clearly states in the article. So, you can compare the titles. All five games are available on the same console. Even the sales figures for the multiplatform titles are just figures for the 360.

      Apples and apples in this case.

      • Yeah but the sales of Black Ops and MW2 would have been devided compared to HALO.

  4. Who cares really? They are all fantastic titles in their own regard. Ive spent more time on the BLOPS campaign then i have online.

  5. Xbox’s variety?

    • What?

    • “Of the 360 variety” means the data presented is only in relation to the 360. It has NOTHING to do with the 360’s variety of games.

      May I ask, is English your first language? If it isn’t, that’s cool – I hope the above explanation helped.

      If it is, maybe you’re just unfamiliar with the phrase. Also cool. Now you are, which makes your “Fail” comment looks a little out of place. No?


      • I just have no idea whatsoever what he was trying to say. His statement made no sense.

      • I’m assuming he’s disputing that the 360 has game variety. That’s not what the article references, however.

      • I’m not even sure he was saying that. I just don’t know. Possibly the worst comment i’ve ever seen written on an article.

  6. unfair though as people with both consoles don’t all buy Call of duty it on 360, whereas with reach they don’t really have much of a choice!

  7. despite review scores, and the general developer trends I’m preferring blops to MW2

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