Dance Central DLC Tomorrow

One of the negative comments in our Dance Central review was that there simply weren’t enough tracks. Well, three more will be added to the list tomorrow as The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’, Cameo’s ‘Word Up’ and Tag Team’s ‘Whoomp (There It Is)’ will be made available as DLC.  They will be priced at 240 MS points each, and join Lady Sovereign ‘I Got You Dancing’, Ne-Yo ‘Because of You’, and Sean Paul ‘Temperature’ which have already been released.

Source: Shacknews



  1. Each?! *faints Gillian McKeith style*

    • Since posting this I’ve considered the fact that dance DLC is probably worth more than say Singstar DLC but it does seem a lot at face value!

  2. That’s a ridiculous price if I’m being perfectly honest. Rock Band DLC is 99p per track and you get vocals, drums, bass, guitar and now keyboard, as well as pro drums and keyboard charts free. Plus an extra 99p if you want the Pro Guitar and Bass chart. Absolutely fantastic value and makes this look extortionate.

  3. One word……………EXPANSIVE

    • dont you mean expensive?

      • Sorry Mr. perfect.:(
        English is no my modern language so it’s okay for me to spell wrong :)

      • I guess it depends on how you look at it.

        It is both Expensive and Expands the game, therefore “EXPANSIVE”

        Just my guess of course :P

  4. Agreed so far, thats alot of money for just ONE track!

  5. Can someone covert the MS point price to sterling for me? I have an xbox but have no idea about the whole point malarkey.

    As for the library, well congratulations MS, this now takes your online catalogue to an impressive 6! Sure know how to offer more to your customers!

    In all fairness though, my brother got Dance Central for Kinnect the other day and I had a go and it was actually really good fun and I was impressed with the body tracking. Shame I felt like a 1st class prick dancing, but I imagine that with a couple of beers down you it would be pretty hilarious…

    • Yes but staring at a wall can be fun if you have enough beers in you. Games shouldn’t be able to rely on the players being intoxicated to be fun.

      • Haha that made me chuckle :)

        The game is definately fun, intoxicated or otherwise, its just I imagine that with some alcohol involved you’d lose your inhibitions a bit more and not feel so stupid flailing around. Thats what I meant to say.

    • It really depends on how much you can get your MS points for. I think it’s usually about £16 for 2100 points … which means each track costs about £1.83.

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