Dance Central DLC Has You Dance Like Christopher Walken

It has been announced that four new Dance Central tracks will be released today, costing the usual 240 MSP each. The tracks include Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl’, Keri Hilson’s ‘Turnin Me On’ and Paula Abdul’s ‘Straight Up’. However, I’ve saved the best until last with Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’, which saw legend Christopher Walken star in one of the most memorable music videos.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: Press Release, Video from YouTube



  1. It’s hard to tell from that but it doesn’t look like you replicate many of Walken’s moves from the video.
    Bloody love Straight Up as well.

  2. I just don’t understand the price of these tracks. I know I’ve said it before, sorry, broken record, but are people really that keen on paying $3.00 (£2.06) per song? At least if they brought out more than 4 per month, and the collection of total songs wasn’t languishing at 49 (including all DLC) it might be ok.

    If Rock Band tried releasing songs that slowly we’d all point and laugh. Even Sing Star does 10-20 new singles per fortnight, and they include video!!!1! (ie: if I could at least SEE 1998 Paula Abdul it might be worth $4 AUD. Actually I take that back).

    The thing that get’s me is that it really can’t be _that_ hard to make new songs. Unlike rhythm games where the Devs have to map every track meticulously, for four instruments + vocal and for several difficulty levels, all that dance games involve are some pretty basic choices of about 200 moves to match a video. Honestly, I think I could map ANY dance song in few hours with just the help of youtube and a six pack of beers (to stop me wanting to stick thumbtacks through the roof of my mouth).

    Oh, and one other thing… how long is this going to be TSA news? Do you report on every new Rock Band DLC? (Sorry TSA, I love you but this dance fad is grinding my gears)

    • Ignore all the dance stuff, fella. Don’t go into the articles until you’re suitably chilled. It grates my cheese too but I’m feeling all warm and cuddly for now. Later? Maybe some rage with a side order of limb-tearing carnage.

      • Limb-tearing carnage? Sounds like Mortal Kombat!!! Oh wait, that’s now perma banned in my country (Australia). FML. ;) Good thing I’ll be in the US&A in a few weeks!

        On a serious note, I get the appeal of dance games – and I think Kinect does it very well (refer to previous snide remarks about it’s a great Dance/Fitness/Child Minding device) – but for the life of me I don’t see how Harmonix (who I love dearly for Rock Band) can get away with this economic model.

        I guess they know full well they have the ONLY decent Kinect title in existence right now and can afford to exploit it. If they get competition, they can lower their prices and make it look like a sale. Sometimes I hate the biz. Sometimes.

  3. i’m sure i read somewhere after that video came out that christopher walken trained as a dancer.

    • a private dancer…dancer for money…


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